If there’s one truck show we think you should go to this year, consider going to MATS, the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Why should you go?

1 It’s Big. Like BIG.

This show is huge! And since it’s so big, you just can’t expect to see it all in one day. The Beauty Championship alone is worth a couple of hours to see some awesomely gorgeous trucks.

(Yeah, well, you can go look at new engines and stuff. I wanna look at what works of art these trucks are. We’ll catch up later. )

We can do both. This show is so big that everyone is going to find something to look at. I’ve never looked at the underside of a truck without getting down. Last time, they hung the truck from the ceiling. If a show is big enough to hang a full semi truck from the ceiling, it’s big. Really big. And full of vendors with ideas and products to help you grow your trucking business.

2 It’s Fun.

There are concerts. There are meetups. Then there are seminars. Twice the time is still not enough to get everything you can from a trucking conference like the Mid-America Trucking Show. It’s shopping for your trucking business, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to look down the road and dream a bit about your future. A few daydreams about a new cab or trailer may inspire you to fulfill that dream.

3 It’s Inspiring.

The trucking industry has ups and downs. And right now, we’re feeling more of the down. Talking with truckers and other people experienced in your industry who have walked though these kinds of tough times can help us find the courage to keep pushing forward. This is the place to find the tips and hacks to make this season be one where we learn how to build a better trucking business.

Ok, here’s the real reason.

Swag. Lots of Swag

I know, it sounds greedy, but I love swag. This conference will have a lot for you to look at, plenty of education sessions, and swag! Bring the family! You’ll all have a great time at MATS this year!

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