If you’re going to use trucking software to track your truck maintenance, you might as well get the full picture of what’s going on in your trucking business.

Maintenance Tracking: Spreadsheets or TMS?

The power of a great trucking management software program isn’t just that it handles the routine tasks – dispatches, routes, invoices. A great trucking software will also help you with your expenses directly related to every load as well as those expenses that impact your trucking business bottom line.

You can build a trucking maintenance spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets. After all, this isn’t rocket science, this is simply a list of what you’ve had done to your rig: repairs, regular maintenance, upgrades. Here’s the deal: how does that spreadsheet transfer that data to your trucking business software?

  • How do you know if what you’re spending on maintenance is paying off?
  • How do you know that you’re getting enough money from your loads to cover your living expenses and maintain your equipment?
  • Do you know when to spend the money or when to walk away from equipment that’s costing you more than it earns?

As a small fleet manager or as an owner-operator, you need solid numbers to tell you these things.

But solid rows of numbers are not the best way to understand your data. You need to get a full picture of your business. When we say Picture, we mean pictures – like graphs.

Graphic Warning

A spreadsheet is an invaluable tool to manage numbers and statistics. But columns and rows of numbers are hard to interpret – which is why we all like to look at graphs instead. But how do you look at graphs about maintenance? Look at the prices of how much you paid for oil changes? Tires?

That’s not very valuable, is it?

What is valuable is what you’re spending on maintenance and how you’re spending it. It’s part of your expenses for your business, so you need to look at the overview report first to see if you’re making a profit.

All that data now becomes understandable. And it’s even easier to look at critical data such as your profit per mile overview.

Can your spreadsheet show you this? Not unless you’ve uploaded every single bit of data about your trucking business, organized it and created all the formulas you need.

TMS to the Maintenance Tracking Rescue

Maintenance tracking is always one of the top concerns when we talk to owner-operators or fleet managers. DOT regs aside, it’s the difference between having a safe rig that can make you money or bankruptcy. Trucking Management Software (TMS) is the golden key to success in maintenance tracking. Investing in the TMS that will combine maintenance and business management is the smartest thing you can do.

The CVSA Roadcheck is next month. You can stay at home. Or you can get your rig ready and have confidence that this coming year, you have the big picture in mind and the keys to build it up and make it better.

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