Chris has a pretty famous rig that he’s got to maintain since he’s frequently on call for marketing visits during November and December. He has one customer he ships for and has only one route per year, but it’s a tricky one – particularly with the parking and the delivery schedule.

He only handles LTL shipping.  In fact, he may have been the original LTL trucker in the history of the world.


Don’t you think that Chris Kringle was the first trucker?

Less Than Full Load (LTL)

Moving into LTL (less than truckload) shipping is a big challenge. The steps sound simple.

Go on a load board. Find a load the right size, weight, and destination. Get the load before someone else does. Figure out how to load the shipments, the routes, and the deliveries. Then bill the shippers.

Not so easy after all – but it’s worth it. A full truckload may be best per mile.

If you’re stuck in Florida or New England and looking for a decent load to haul, you may need Santa to drop it into your lap.  Or you could try LTL and put together a trip that will make you money.  But by putting loads together, you can increase your billing and may make more profit.

It’s the billing that many truckers struggle with. This is the strength of TruckingOffice Pro – just like our basic program TruckingOffice, you enter your dispatch information one time and the computer does the work for your invoicing, but it also will take care of your

  • Driver settlements
  • IFTA
  • IRP
  • Business reports

In seconds.

Like Santa’s sleigh filled with different packages, your trailer can be filled with different packages to make your customers and your bottom line very happy.

TruckingOffice Pro is here to help. When you enter the load data into the dispatch form, you’re entering all the information the system needs for all the other reports – no need for you to worry about tracking data.

Free Gift for You

Let’s give you a gift this holiday season.  How about a 30 day free trial of our trucking management software without any commitment?  You got it right now – no need to wait to check your stocking.  You’ll be grateful for this gift all year long!

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