TruckingOffice offers logistics management solutions for today’s transportation professionals. We continuously work to keep our software updated.  We need the latest capabilities to succeed in today’s competitive business environment—without being needlessly complicated!

As part of America’s transportation industry, we’re always glad to share information and insights to help our blog readers achieve success.  Here’s a look at three challenges facing the modern trucking industry:

  1. Continuing personnel shortages. Driving a big rig isn’t for everybody. Doing the job right requires intelligence, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility. The successful trucker must stay on the alert for potential road hazards and adjust to ever-changing schedules and demands. It’s a tough job. It’s difficult for the industry to attract qualified new entrants. On the other hand, the ongoing personnel shortfall helps to guarantee plenty of work for those already in the field.
  2. Environmental and fuel economy concerns. With stricter federal regulations, truck drivers must figure out efficient ways to haul freight  in an environmentally responsible manner. This means paying more for new rigs and the maintenance needed to keep them on the road.
  3. Using modern technology to streamline.  With the mandatory introduction of e-logs, we truckers aren’t able to ignore the computer revolution any longer.  Most of us have already discovered that computer software in the cab can make our jobs much simpler.  Using trucking management software to manage our billing, our record-keeping and our dispatches saves us time and money.

The right computer program, such as our logistics management solutions, can take the hassle out of chores that take endless hours of pencil-pushing to finish. The challenge is finding software that’s both powerful and easy-to-use. That’s where TruckingOffice comes into the picture. We take the stress out of tasks like calculating miles, invoicing clients, paying your staff, and knowing where your trucks are at all times.

Discover the TruckingOffice difference for yourself by taking our product for a free 30-day test drive starting today. You’ll love our logistics management solutions.

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