Your trucking company can have excellent drivers and a well-running fleet. But if you are unorganized in your efforts, you will still fall behind. To run a successful trucking business, you need the right tools for the job. That is where comes in. We offer the very best trucking software available to help keep your business operating smoothly. 

How Integrating ELD with TMS Helps Today’s Truck Drivers Be Successful 

A truck driver takes on many tasks throughout the day. One of the most essential to their job is keeping track of the time they spend on the road and when they take breaks. This driving log is very important because it proves the driver is being responsible and taking time to rest while driving for long hours of transporting loads. Truck driving logs are often used as evidence if an accident occurs and the driver needs proof that they are not to blame for a crash due to being tired or falling asleep at the wheel. 

Since driving logs are so important, an ELD is an essential tool all of today’s truck drivers should have access to. An ELD or electronic logging device helps keep track of time spent driving and resting without the need to keep a manual log. Now, TruckingOffice has taken the usefulness of ELDs one step further and integrated their TMS with ELD for a seamless workflow that requires less effort. 

Why Having an ELD is So Important 

Since 2017, there has been an ELD mandate in effect that required all trucking companies to manage driver logs and hours of service. To make the process easier, the demand has shifted for TMS companies to provide electronic logging options to make the entire process easier. 

Here are a few more reasons why ELDs are so important to the trucking industry. 

  1. An ELD can help to reduce the amount of HOS paperwork a truck driver has to complete, saving them time each day.
  2. ELDs can help add 5 to 10 hours of drive time by rounding the nearest minute for stops, this is unlike paper logs written manually that required drivers to always round up to the nearest 15 minutes instead.
  3. ELDs can help a truck driver build their resume because they have a documented history of their time spent on the road.
  4. An ELD can also reduce the time drivers spend on tedious tasks such as check-in calls and taking the time to send their hours to dispatchers. 
  5. ELDs can help to get truck drivers back on the road again faster with expedited inspections
  6. ELDs also eliminate many human errors that can end up causing costly and troublesome mistakes

TruckingOffice has worked hard to develop a user interface integrated with ELD that will pull in HOS data into their TMS system. This brand new function offers dispatchers the chance to have real-time visibility of the hours used and what available hours are left for each driver in their fleet. This makes it easier to stay organized and streamline their daily or weekly load distribution process. 

Watch this video and find out more about the benefits your trucking business gets out of TruckingOffice Software

Why TMS Is Crucial to Succeed in Your Business

Let’s face it: being a trucker is not easy and sometimes it’s downright awful.  It can be a tedious job that involves much more than great driving skills.  The paperwork, logbooks, tax reports, deadlines, highway conditions, truck breakdowns, and demanding customers can be overwhelming.  But there are many rewards as well, such as the pride that comes from keeping millions of American’s supplied with the products they need or desire.  So, with those things in mind, what can trucking software (TMS) do to help you continue running your reputable and vital business?

Our TruckingOffice TMS, when integrated with our ELD (electronic logging device), will track and record all aspects of your day-to-day trucking operation.  Then, with just a few clicks you can generate reports that show you how your business stands financially.  You’ll also have real-time data on the location of drivers and vehicles that will assist with dispatching and route planning. 

Of course, we could give you a long list of our TMS features, but you’ll learn more by trying out our system firsthand.  Discover the variety of ways our program will help you succeed in the trucking industry by taking advantage of the free trial today.  When it comes to making more money, the sooner the better, right?

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The TruckingOffice TMS software program is a secret tool that many successful trucking company owners are using to operate and run their fleets. This software not only makes it possible to keep track of hours of service but it can also help to increase your revenue per mile, reduce the occurrence of roadside repairs, and streamline your invoicing as well. 
To learn more about how TruckingOffice TMS and ELD can help your company run more efficiently, give us a call today at (800) 253-9647. We are here to help!

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