What if one minute a day could save you hours on your IFTA filing and help you manage your business?

I used to spend two weeks getting ready for the IFTA filing, and then, it was so complicated, I would take all my work to the IRS offices to get help and be sure it was right.

That was why TruckingOffice IFTA Trucking Software was created.


If you own or manage a fleet, IFTA software isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Your trucking business will be more successful with TruckingOffice’s multiple reports to help you track your costs and your profits.

As a driver, two weeks of paperwork and number crunching was two weeks not working productively for my business.  I couldn’t call on new customers.  I couldn’t put in the time on the road that I needed.  I had to do the paperwork. Once I started building up my fleet, I had to hope that my drivers were giving me accurate numbers in their logbooks.  I knew what it was like on the road – it gets late and maybe I’d forget to write down my numbers… so I fudged it.  Wrote down the best I could remember.

It’s always a question for a fleet owner.  The fleet owner or manager will know there are “fatigue and fudge” factors in logbooks.  At the end of the quarter, is the logbook accurate or not?  I’m responsible to pay that tax bill and I want it to  be correct. Ninety days of log books for three drivers – there’s no way to check.  It’s time consuming. It’s frustrating.


Ohio isn’t a state that lets you file your IFTA online – so it’s easy to see why a software program that can help you figure out those numbers is worth the time to use. Our trucking software produces an IFTA report in just seconds.

Then it’s the forms.  Every state has its own way of filing the IFTA taxes – different in every state.  Some states you can file online.  Some states you have to print out a form and fill it in by hand.  Here in Ohio, the state has a Excel spreadsheet online that you can fill in on your computer.  This can reduce time and errors – fill in the form with the information and it will compute the tax dollars due. You must attach this completed spreadsheet to the tax form that is mailed to you at the beginning of July.  And you have to endure this four times a year.

Catch Up on the IFTA?  Your trucking software will do that?

The IFTA filing is a big reason to use TruckingOffice.  Instead of weeks of paperwork, math and frustration, TruckingOffice’s IFTA report can give you accurate figures in less than a minute.

It’s even possible to use TruckingOffice’s IFTA report feature if you haven’t used the TruckingOffice software until now.  Opening a free trial and entering your data now in our One Minute Per Load entry form will be far faster than pulling all of the logs from the last three months and doing it by hand.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it all on paper, if that’s what you like. But most of us want a faster method.

Just enter all the trips with our TruckingOffice One Minute Per Load Entry form into the program, and you might be done in one afternoon. TruckingOffice takes the locations of your deliveries and and your pick-ups as you enter them to compute the distances driven with a load and when a truck is empty.  TruckingOffice takes the all the data – from load pickup to delivery to next load pick up – and calculates the mileage using PC*Miler, and in 30 seconds, can provide all the numbers for all three months.

The key to success is using the TruckingOffice data entry forms.  When you bid on a load on the TruckingOffice load board, you’ve already started the process.  The TruckingOffice software then computes your miles and your due taxes per state.

IFTA trucking software reports don't have to be scary. Try our Free Trial today!

The IFTA tiger can be tamed with IFTA trucking software reports from TruckingOffice. Using our One Minute Per Load entry form, you can catch up on the last quarter and cut your prep time for next quarter’s report.

How can IFTA trucking software help me manage my business?

TruckingOffice tracks as much data as you put in.  If you take a load cross country, PC*Miler will track the entire trip.  Entering data points along the trip – when and where you purchased fuel and how much you bought – will refine the report so that you don’t overpay the government.  Taking a different route than PC*Miler expects?  Adding those data points will stop you from owing taxes in states you never traveled through.

It depends on what kind of record-keeping you want to do.  Maybe the bare minimum is all you think you need.  But if you add the right data, then our program can take it to a whole new level:

If you put in the information you need for the IFTA, you will also be able to keep track of your cost per mile, the fuel costs, and your invoicing.

Those reports will help you get profitable – and stay profitable.

If you have those piles of stuff all over your desk and you’re looking to make this easier, we can help you with our IFTA trucking software and the reports you need. Your data will be consistent.  If you get audited, they will be using the same PC*Miler that we use to verify your miles.  You’ll be able to prove your figures.  Try TruckingOffice’s free one month trial and use it to tame that IFTA tiger.

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