The new IFTA tax tables are out.  We updated our table so you don’t have to, and that the news from Indiana was pretty awful.

Indiana just raised their fuel taxes – more than doubled them!  West Viriginia added another 10% on their taxes too.

IFTA Tax Tables Updates

Why does it matter if the IFTA  tax tables are changed?  You still have to pay the taxes, right?

We have a suggestion for you:  Don’t pay your IFTA.  Manage your IFTA.

Instead of just filing up, try to plan where you’re going to fuel up next time.  If you never buy fuel in Indiana because you stay on the interstate and don’t need fuel, it still might be worth it to cut that IFTA payment later.  Get your tanks filled in Indiana and you’ll see that IFTA go down.  This is management – being strategic about where you spend money to reduce your taxes later.

Ultimately, you’re paying the same amount of money, but paying it a bit at a time at the pumps is a lot easier than putting a big chunk on your VISA card at the end of the IFTA month.

Wouldn’t You Rather Have Us Do It?

It’s hard to think of a trucker who isn’t using a software package to compute their IFTA.  It’s harder to think about a trucker using a software package that doesn’t do anything else.  The time spent on creating an invoice and then duplicating the work to figure out the tax bills is taking drivers off the road and hitting them in the wallet.  And now that we’ve got to think about HOS, time spent on the IFTA is just going to annoy us even more.

Trying to use the IFTA tables to figure out where you should buy your next fuel purchase is too complicated if you’re not using an IFTA calculator that deals with your current data.

We’re talking about the IFTA a bit early, and maybe you don’t want to hear it about it yet.  But using TruckingOffice to compute your IFTA in September will help you get ahead of the game – know where to buy fuel, and how to file quickly and simply to get that stinking job done.  Using TruckingOffice to create your invoices and figure out your IFTA taxes is only the start of what we can do for you:

  • Routing
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • LTL management
  • Driver Settlement
  • IRP

The list goes on and on.  We’re a trucker’s best friend because TruckingOffice makes it easy.

We’ll make it easier.  Our free trial will let you see how good we are without ever asking you for a credit card or debit card or checking account routing number.  You’ll be thinking right with TruckingOffice.

How Trucking Office Can Help

One of the good things about IFTA Fuel Tax reporting is that you only have to submit the forms to your base jurisdiction and they take care of the rest.  Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that, but the process is much more user-friendly than ever before.  Imagine having to obtain fuel permits and file reports for every single state you travel through! The time and effort involved in that complex process were almost overwhelming for drivers and fleet owners. 

Fortunately, the IFTA sticker has streamlined the reporting process to help everyone save time and money.   In fact, estimates show that the IFTA saves truckers millions of dollars a year in administrative costs alone.  But, despite the benefits of IFTA reporting, drivers still become confused by the differences and changes in IFTA fuel tax rates, due dates for quarterly reports and other details.  That’s why you should consider talking to us at TruckingOffice today. We know you would rather be behind the wheel growing your business, and our TMS software is designed with that in mind.

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