No one likes doing taxes. April looms
for every citizen, and countless blogs and editorials have bemoaned the
unnecessary complications that the IRS imposes with its forms. Anyone in
the trucking industry reads those complaints every year and scoffs, because
ordinary citizens don’t know how easy they have it. Standard tax documents seem
to be a pain to fill out, but really, with all the records and fuel reports
demanded of licensed truckers, filing regular taxes is a cakewalk. If you’re in
the trucking industry, you can get muddled down for weeks trying to organize
tax documents, or you can let IFTA
do it for you.

Tax software has been around since
the first personal computers, but it varies in its levels of assistance. Some
of them simply serve as record holders; others are just databases to input all
of the receipts you’ve saved throughout the tax period. IFTA software doesn’t just organize and manage the records you have
to keep, it calculates IFTA taxes, which can be some of the most complicated in
our nation.

Nothing from the IRSis user friendly, so it’s no
surprise that IFTA forms and policies are difficult to decipher. Fortunately, IFTA software is user friendly with clear directions and a logical structure.
Bureaucracies demand absolute precision in the files and documents they
receive, so even if you spend weeks organizing and calculating your taxes, the
IFTA could penalize you for a single error. That’s a big risk after so much
work; but you can avoid it (and endless hours of organizing and calculating) by
letting IFTA software take care of
everything for you.

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