This is not a dream; TruckingOffice offers IFTA software capabilities that almost magically fill in and compute the tedious and complicated IFTA forms. This data includes current fuel tax reporting forms for each state. Why spend valuable time on this paperwork nightmare or thousands of dollars to pay someone else to deal with it when an inexpensive, online program does all that and more? In the business world, there are two types of must-do items. Understanding and handling these properly is often the difference between success and bankruptcy, especially in today’s economic climate.

The Two Types of Must Do Items

Income generating and record-keeping are the two biggest issues business owners face.

• Income generating is finding clients and delivering loads, but we understand the process is more complicated than that. Trucking owners and operators deal with last-minute changes, mechanical problems, clerical mistakes and misdirected transports.

• Record-keeping is one of life’s necessary nuisances—especially the fuel tax reporting process. Accurate records allow trucking companies to bill and collect fees. This data helps them keep track of the income and expenses, pay drivers and file necessary returns.

IFTA Software

TruckingOffice software is an easy-use system that tracks orders, deliveries, drivers, mileage and expenses as they occur. Because the program is online, owners and operators can access the information anytime from anywhere. If the owner has to step in and deliver a load across the state or country because a driver is unable to make the run, you can keep the company running from any computer.

When it comes time to fill out the hated IFTA fuel tax forms, our IFTA software has all the information you need. On command, TruckingOffice delivers required reports, and the information provided meets all state requirements.

There is no reason for us busy people (I’m a truck driver too, you know!) to spend hundreds of hours dealing with mind-numbing government forms. IFTA software does it for you quickly, accurately and effortlessly. The software is easy-to-use and greatly reduces common errors.

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