Are you done yet?

I’ve been watching the Twitter hashtags about IFTA this month and it looks like there are a lot of people out there still working on it.  I guess that’s natural, people put things like tax filings off to the last minute.  The stress this causes by waiting so late is something easy to avoid if you use trucking management software like TruckingOffice.

That’s why we created this program.  This is the kind of frustrating work that keeps us from doing what we owner operators do best and what we love to do – drive trucks.  You’ve seen it on this blog and you’ll see it again – you want to be a truck driver, not an accountant.

Let us give you a hand with that.  Instead of doing it all by hand or on a spreadsheet, when you enter your data in our One Minute Dispatch Entry form, you’ve already given the software all the details it needs to prepare the IFTA report.  No more adding up odometer readings, no more keeping separate records for each state and jurisdiction.  TruckingOffice takes care of it all with only a press of a single button on the screen.

Your IFTA is due Friday.  This Friday.

So’s your billing.  And your driver pay.  And your expense reports.

And you’d like to see what’s making you money – and what routes aren’t.

Ready to get it all done in minutes – before Friday?

We’re ready to help.  We have a 30 day free trial for you to discover just what TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software can do for your business, not just your IFTA.

 Let’s get your IFTA done and get you back on the road.  Drive like a boss, not a bookkeeper.

Don't let the IFTA stop you from Driving Like A Boxx

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