The International Fuel Tax Agreement, also known as IFTA, was designed to simplify the collection and proportional distribution of motor fuel use fees among member jurisdictions. 

Motor carriers who travel in more than one jurisdiction are required to register with the IFTA. Fuel taxes are to be paid quarterly, and late payments are subject to fines and penalties.  

How IFTA Fuel Tax Rates Have Changed

Since its creation in 1983, the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) has undergone many changes, including fuel tax rate increases and decreases.  Let’s compare the fluctuations in rates over five years.

IFTA Diesel Tax Rates for the five-year period from 2013 to 2018:

State2013 Diesel Tax Rate2018 Diesel Tax Rate
AL – Alabama0.190.19
AR – Arkansas0.2250.225
AZ – Arizona0.260.26
CA – California0.4530.7
CO – Colorado0.2050.205
CT – Connecticut0.5490.439
DE – Delaware0.220.22
FL – Florida0.33070.3437
GA – Georgia0.1790.3
IA – Iowa0.2250.325
ID – Idaho0.250.32
IL – Illinois0.430.349
IN – Indiana0.160.48
KS – Kansas0.260.26
KY – Kentucky0.2790.216
LA – Louisiana0.20.2
MA – Massachusetts0.240.24
MD – Maryland0.27750.3605
ME – Maine0.3120.312
MI – Michigan0.3590.434
MN – Minnesota0.2850.285
MO – Missouri0.170.17
MS – Mississippi0.180.18
MT – Montana0.27750.2925
NC – North Carolina0.3750.351
ND – North Dakota0.230.23
NE – Nebraska0.2630.28
NH – New Hampshire0.180.222
NJ – New Jersey0.1750.485
NM – New Mexico0.210.21
NV – Nevada0.270.27
NY – New York0.40850.3915
OH – Ohio0.280.28
OK – Oklahoma0.130.19
OR – Oregon00
PA – Pennsylvania0.3810.741
RI – Rhode Island0.320.33
SC – South Carolina0.160.2
SD – South Dakota0.220.28
TN – Tennessee0.170.24
TX – Texas0.20.2
UT – Utah0.2450.294
VA – Virginia0.2020.202
VT – Vermont0.310.31
WA – Washington0.3750.494
WI – Wisconsin0.3290.329
WV – West Virginia0.3470.357
WY – Wyoming0.240.24
AB – Alberta0.33660.6192
BC – British Columbia0.79990.6675
MB – Manitoba0.43010.4122
NB – New Brunswick0.7180.663
NL – Newfoundland0.6170.215
NS – Nova Scotia0.57590.4534
ON – Ontario0.53480.421
PE – P. Edward Island0.75550.5947
QC – Quebec0.7180.5947
SK – Saskatchewan0.5610.4417

*Rates are from 4th-quarter of the year indicated.

*Rates in bold type represent increases.

Changes in Effect for 2019 Rates

When we headed into the third quarter of 2019 (July to September), seven states showed a tax rate increase. This went into effect on July 1, 2019.  Those states are Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Virginia. 

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Got more questions about IFTA? We’ve got the IFTA Resource Center with plenty of answers for you.

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