Ten days from now, IFTA is due for 3Q. How’s your trucking company handling it? Is the IFTA filing in your trucking office a major headache – or just another task that takes a few minutes per truck?

Trucking Office Tasks

Tracking a load from first to last has become simpler with plenty of apps and options. Billing has been automated. Maintenance logs are mandated by the DOT.

It sounds like it should be simple, right? So why is turnover in the trucking industry so high? From brokers to bookkeepers, the logistics industry sees over 90% turnover in some years.

Trucking is a tough industry for those in the cabs and those in the offices. Finding a way to simplify to reduce the stress might keep trained employees longer than a few months.

Training trucking office staff

Sure, office routines are always specialized based on how the bosses run a business. Big businesses may have multiple staff members.

But it doesn’t change that the logistics industry has push from shippers and receivers, the DOT and IRS as well as pushback against truck stops or idling or parking. Brokers want the delivery yesterday, the shipping crew wants to wait to unload your trailer until after their break and the shipper’s office wants another copy of the BOL and another 90 days to pay your invoice.

Emotions can run pretty high in the transportation industry. As the government changes the standards again and again, it’s no wonder we see people leave the field so quickly.

IFTA Filing in your trucking office

The quarterly IFTA filing in your trucking office can be an ugly mess. Do you have to move data from a load tracking app? Calculate miles per state with Google maps? Find a list of the current tax rates per jurisdiction and hope they’re current. (Don’t forget, Ohio changed its rate over the summer.)

If you’re the boss and you’re tired of the IFTA filing and all the other pressures that lead to staff turnover, then you need a software package that’s going to simplify each of these parts of the whole of your trucking business. Because if one isn’t working for you, it’s working against you.

Are you working with a variety of software programs to manage

  • driver records
  • driver settlements
  • maintenance
  • invoices
  • expenses
  • miles per state
  • load tracking
  • IRP
  • IFTA.

You can do better with a single program that will do them all.

IFTA Compliance Failure: How TruckingOffice Helps You Avoid Extra Costs

We’ve talked about how our software can organize your business and help keep your staff from leaving.  Now, let’s look at how TruckingOffice can help you avoid extra costs that diminish your cash flow and profits.

Our TMS generates reports that show where your money goes and where you can reduce expenditures.  But, here’s another feature you’ll enjoy.  Our system helps you avoid IFTA compliance failure and the costly fines and penalties that follow. Sound good so far?  There’s more.

As you know, math errors are one of the common problems with IFTA reports.  Busy truckers often make mistakes recording mileage when doing it manually.  These errors can result in underpayment or can lead to an audit.  Compliance failure can also result in a revoked license and added fines or penalties.  

But, with our TMS, your IFTA miles and reports are always accurate.  Plus, if you integrate an ELD with our system, it records mileage in real-time.  This information is used by our system to calculate error-free IFTA reports on time to prevent fines or penalties.  So, you no longer have to worry whether your calculations are right or not.  And, you’ll save money, have more time for other tasks, and enjoy fewer headaches each quarter.  

That’s how a TruckingOffice trucking office works.

Your IFTA filing – for one truck or one hundred – doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be the reason why your staff wants to leave. You’ll have a complete IFTA report in a manner of seconds – not staff hours. You can report your numbers with confidence that they’re right and you’re not paying a dime more than you need.

Not sure if we’re telling the truth? How about a free trial of the entire program to let you enter the quarter’s data? You can see how much you’ll appreciate a complete trucking management software solution. Run both systems at the same time and you’ll see how much more your get with so much less work.

And keep your staff happy too.

If you’ve got IFTA questions, we have IFTA answers! Check out our IFTA Resource Page!

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