Can you imagine doing your IFTA in your cab?

IFTA filing with TruckingOffice TMSNot if you’re using paper log books.  I can’t imagine trying to keep those on my bunk along with all the receipts, the calculator, a calendar, and my credit card or checkbook without everything spilling onto the floor.

I don’t have to imagine the mess that would be anymore.  I’ve got a better way to do it.

IFTA Filing on the Road?

When I had several trucks, the IFTA would take me hours per truck.  I used spreadsheets to track everything.  But the spreadsheets couldn’t figure out my IFTA reports.  Those still required a lot of time with logbooks and a calculator.  So while I owned a fleet, I was still driving – and the days that I had to work on the IFTA were days that I couldn’t be on the road.

That was pretty miserable.  At home but not with my kids.  At home but not enjoying the time off the road.  When we started talking about creating a trucking management software system, that was the first thing I thought about.  I want a way to  manage the paperwork so I could spend my down time with my family.

It’s made all the difference.  It didn’t matter where I was – or where my trucks were – when it was time to fill out the IFTA files.

The power of web-based TruckingOffice

We get asked about developing an app, but I tell you, an app is about the worst way to try to manage your IFTA.

  1. What happens if you lose your phone?
  2. If you’ve got more than one truck, where’s the data stored so you can access what you need from the other truck?

That’s why TruckingOffice is web-based.  Lose your phone (or drive over it) and lose your data?  Not worth the risk.  Multiple trucks in your fleet?  If your driver is in Florida and you’re in Idaho, his app isn’t going to do you much good at the IFTA filing deadline.

Which happens to be tomorrow.

If you’ve got your data safe on our servers, it doesn’t matter where you are, where the trucks are, or where you do your IFTA filing.  If you have access to WiFi or you’re on a desktop at home, the same data is available to quickly and easily report your miles and what you owe.

I know plenty of people who don’t pay their taxes until the midnight deadline because they’re not giving the government any money a minute earlier than it’s due.  We all know people who procrastinate on their taxes because they’re not in any rush to do that tedious and stressful task.

TruckingOffice lets you wait until that last minute because the IFTA filing report takes only seconds to be computed.  So if you’re one of those people who waits till the last minute, then we’ve got you covered.  If you’re in your cab at that last minute, not a problem.

Just make sure you file.

What if you haven’t used a trucking management software before?

Let us introduce you to TruckingOffice – free of charge!  Just sign up here for a free trial of our whole software package so you can see all that we can do for you.