Whether you’re an independent owner/operator or have a fleet of trucks, you have plenty of responsibilities that company drivers never have to fool with.  Whether it’s making sure that your trailers are properly maintained or keeping Uncle Sam happy, you certainly have enough management tasks to keep you busy.  Fortunately, we can make those duties easier to carry out, thanks to our advanced, interactive, easy-to-use trucking management software.

Handling IFTA Issues

As truck owners or managers, we may sometimes grumble about IFTA rules and regulations, but they’re actually designed to make things easier for interstate drivers.  They offer these advantages:

  1. You can select a single IFTA-member state as your base jurisdiction
  2. A single fuel tax license works for every vehicle in your fleet and permits them to operate in all IFTA jurisdictions
  3. You file a single tax report every quarter with your base jurisdiction, which covers your fuel use and mileage for all IFTA member states
  4. With rare exceptions, your fuel tax records will only be audited by your base jurisdiction

While this is certainly better than dealing with trip permits from multiple states, it does have its share of headaches.  Accurately entering the miles for each state can quickly become a nightmare that may result in you overpaying your fuel taxes or being set up for an audit.

That’s why we added IFTA software functionality to our Trucking Office applications to make managing your fuel tax records quick and easy.  You’ll have no math to do and no worries about dealing with an audit.  All miles are calculated and recorded accurately on a state-by-state basis, saving you the tedium of manually logging the records in yourself.  We handle the little details so you can concentrate on the big things, like getting more runs and increasing your bottom line.

We Make Dispatching Easier, Too

Like fuel taxes, dispatching comes with its own share of paperwork hassles.  Keeping track of miles driven, pay rates for different drivers, percent and weight fees, and which dispatch occurred on which day for which customer is enough to give even a math whiz a king-sized migraine.

We know; we’ve been there, and for many years we did it the old-school way, with pen and pencil and a bottle of aspirin always close by.  That’s why our software is set apart from other trucking management programs on the market.  Here are just some of its features:

  1. Allows you to sort dispatches by driver, state, customer, or truck with one simple click of the mouse
  2. PC Miler feature tracks all miles, including deadheads, automatically
  3. Lets you use a variety of options for driver pay, including by the mile and by percentage
  4. Sets up future loads with the scheduling feature for accurate, on-time dispatching
  5. Generates precise revenue records, so you can see exactly where you stand financially

Other Features

  1. Invoice feature stays on top of all invoices, lets you know what’s coming due, what’s overdue, and even generates personalized invoices with your company name on them, for a professional appearance
  2. Driver tracking feature eliminates any squabbles over who drove which load.  It lets you make sure that each of your people gets the pay they have coming to them, without any mix-ups
  3. Expense tracking feature keeps you on top of your business costs, so you know where every dollar is going
  4. Maintenance feature gives you exact details on every repair, oil change, or other work done on your trucks, whether you have one or 100
  5. Truck tracking feature lets you know when taxes or scheduled maintenance jobs are coming due for each vehicle in your fleet

Try it Yourself!

The fact is, we could brag all day about how great our trucking management software is.  But, as the saying goes, the proof of the pie is in the eating.  So take TruckingOffice for a 30-day free test drive.  If you don’t agree that it’s everything we say it is, then just cancel your account.  We won’t even ask you for a credit card number until the one-month period is over.  That’s how sure we are that once you try TruckingOffice, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Click here to start your free trial today!

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