In the trucking industry, everyone from fleet managers to drivers are constantly searching for ways to simplify and streamline trucking operations along the supply chain. Furthermore, around 70% of all freight tonnage moved in the US going through trucks. Therefore, smooth supply chains are crucial to successful deliveries. Simplifying processes decreases the workload of managers and drivers while increasing profit. However, 49% of transportation and logistics companies reported that their technology was out of date. Unfortunately, this took a toll in their ability to best serve their customers and allowing their competitors to step ahead. Electronic logging devices (ELDs), a new technology in the trucking industry, can help improve the supply chain for trucking operators. ELDs Read below to learn more about the functions and benefits of ELDs in your field.

ELDs Can Streamline Routes

Before the use of ELDs, drivers and managers had many difficulties. For example, there were issues in communicating exact routes, changing routes, and making updates between the parties. Incorrect routes could cost drivers time on the road which translates to money lost. ELDs track driver location, mileage, time on the road, and more. Additionally, fleet managers can communicate important information to you faster since they have the ability to see your location and route with the ELD. The technology of ELDs also helps drivers accurately deliver shipments. This is because ELDs minimize the chances of contacting wrong phone numbers or delivering to wrong addresses. Efficiency and transparency are a natural part of the supply chain with the implementation of ELDs.

ELDs Improve Driver Safety

ELDs decrease the amount of paperwork that you have to do. As a result, ELDs can help to decrease the stress and fatigue that you often face as a driver. This will make it easier to focus while you are on the road and allow you to spend more time making money. ELDs collect accurate data which decreases the amount of time you spend on writing reports. ELDs also alert drivers when there is a potential maintenance issue – this can save you costly time spent in the auto shop repairing an issue that could have been prevented. More importantly, it increases driver safety overall. Finally, ELDs track driver behaviors that could lead to an increased likelihood of accidents, such as driving over their time limit or accelerating/braking too quickly. Understanding your driving behaviors can help you make necessary adjustments to increase your safety on the road and prevent accidents.

ELDs Simplify the IFTA Calculation Process

As a driver, you are most likely required to submit quarterly IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reports. This agreement requires drivers to carry an IFTA license and report their fuel use in one place instead of the previous system of reporting to each state along the driver’s route. Submitting these reports with the use of an ELD significantly simplifies the process. ELDs track your drive time, fuel usage, and mileage, all of which need to be reported to IFTA. Because the data is collected digitally, there is little chance for human error on your part when filling out your reports. Keep in mind that you must pay a fee for late or incorrect IFTA reports.

Choose TruckingOffice to Improve Your Supply Chain

We already know that trucking safety and supply chains are improved with the use of an ELD on board. With a wide variety of ELDs to choose from, it is important to get the best device for yourself or your company. TruckingOffice provides not only a high-quality product but also the best tech support available. This way, if you have issues with your ELD, you will receive the support you need in time to fix the device and get back on the road. Learn more about our TruckingOffice ELDs and order yours today!  

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