The term “trucking logistics” is used to specify all the factors involved in transporting goods.  Of course, moving goods with utmost efficiency to maximize profits is the primary goal of a trucking company.  So, having accurate data is the first step in creating a workable plan that helps reduce costs.  

How have ELDs improved the logistics of transportation for the trucking industry?  Here are 3 of the most significant reasons you should have an ELD for trucking:

#1.  Improve freight visibility.

ELD-generated data can improve freight visibility to streamline your entire operation.  If you’ve been in the trucking industry for a while, you’ve learned that your customers want to know where their shipment is.  And they want to know now.  So, it’s vital to provide precise information to your customer. This will build a strong relationship with the customer that translates to continued business.  

# 2: Driver Communication

An ELD allows the dispatcher to communicate quickly and accurately with her drivers.   As soon as the dispatcher gets the load information, the ELD can pass the same information on to the driver without any extra steps immediately.  All the details, no confusion, no miscommunications.  Transposed numbers won’t cause delays with wrong addresses or phone numbers.

Keeping drivers updated with accurate information prevents problems with deliveries.  Instead of multiple calls confirming or correcting addresses or delivery times, everything is smoothly handled from dispatch to driver to delivery.

#3.  Reduce costly compliance errors.

Recording accurate mileage is vital to running a successful trucking business.  The information is used to calculate FMCSA hours of service, IFTA fuel use taxes, IRP fees, and more.  Also, roadside inspectors need accurate HOS and RODS data to ensure that you are in compliance.  Inaccurate or unavailable data can result in fines, penalties, and OOS status.  

With an ELD, you have up-to-date records such as date, time, location, engine hours, mileage, driver information, and more.  As a result, errors that can result in compliance issues are no longer a problem.

Other Benefits of an ELD You’ll Appreciate

The data gathered by an ELD can be used in a variety of ways to improve trucking logistics. However, there are a few other benefits to using electronic logging devices that a worth mentioning.

  • Reduces paperwork – Automated recording of the vehicle’s movement reduces the amount of manual paperwork and saves time.  The mileage is recorded in real-time and the data can help improve accuracy on reports.    
  • Saves lives – The purpose of the ELD mandate is to regulate driving time. The goal is to prevent accidents that result from driver fatigue.  According to the FMCSA, ELDs prevent 562 accidents and save 26 lives each year.  By reducing the number of accidents ELDs contribute to lower insurance costs.  In fact, trucking companies that use ELDs get better insurance rates.

Another benefit of an ELD is that it can be integrated with a TMS to generate IFTA reports, profit and loss statements, vehicle maintenance schedules, automatic invoices, and more.  This flexibility allows you to manage all of your trucking logistics.

Get Your TruckingOffice ELD Today

At TruckingOffice, we know what it feels like to climb up in that cab and feel the powerful engine rumble to life with that distinctive scent of diesel fuel only a trucker can love.  But, we also know that even on a good day, driving a CMV can be challenging and exhausting.  That’s why we offer solutions that will make your job easier and your business more profitable.  

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