Thanks to the truckers who brought you your holiday feast.How did that cranberry sauce get on your table?  If you’re not in New England, it’s a good bet that a trucker brought it to the store.  Even if you are in New England, a trucker delivered to the store.

The entire meal is probably thanks to truckers.

We’re going to sit down with our families to our dinners and our footballs games tomorrow, and we hope all you drivers will too.  Living the trucker’s life is hard on a family.  This is one time we should be home.

So we here at TruckingOffice want to wish all you drivers, owner-operators, fleet managers, mechanics, and everyone else who makes it possible for me to have my cranberry sauce (and turkey and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie) a great Thanksgiving, filled with winning touch-football games with kids and the teams of your choice on the television.  And the morning after, when everyone hits the Black Friday sales, we’ll be thanking you again for the things we can buy because you haul them.

Happy Thanksgiving from TruckingOffice.


Another great year and another thank you from TruckingOffice!








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