LTL shipping software

LTL shipping takes some planning

Having plenty of clients is one of the keys to business success. That’s why you need our LTL dispatch software. This powerful, easy-to-use product makes hauling multiple loads at the same time simpler and more efficient. The result: more on-time runs, happier customers, and more money in your pocket.

There’s Big Money in Little Loads

Mapping out the LTL shipping routeOur LTL dispatch software simplifies what could otherwise be a brain-racking process. That’s because LTL loads require you to juggle information about multiple clients at the same time. Trailers hauling LTL freight may need to make several stops in a single run. And each of those deliveries had better be on time, or there’ll be hell to pay—just ask anybody who has dealt with an angry customer (you’ve probably dealt with your share of them yourself!).

That’s why our product is so popular with transportation professionals. With TruckingOffice LTL dispatch software, all you need to do is enter the information into our custom-built load planner; we’ll take it from there. Here are just some of its many unbeatable features:

  • Keeps track of multiple loads simultaneously, whether they’re going to one customer or 10.
  • Totals the amount to charge each client, based on your company’s fee structure. There is zero chance of billing errors, as long as you input the initial information correctly.
  • Our cloud-based LTL dispatch software keeps your data safe from viruses, hackers, and hard drive crashes. Your records are protected by the same safeguards used by giant multi-national corporations, giving you peace of mind.

Right now, you can try our LTL dispatch software at no cost, thanks to our free 30-day test drive offer. You’ll also enjoy unlimited access to TruckingOffice’s other great features, all of which are constantly updated and backed by our own team of experts. See the TruckingOffice difference for yourself today.

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