get paid with trucking business softwareEver look at a load board and wonder if shippers realize that we can’t do this for free?

I’ve been looking at some loads recently that I can’t imagine any trucker is going to take because no one can afford to take a load for that little money per mile.

Sometimes We Take the Poorly Paying Loads

Ever try to get out of New England without losing your shirt?  We’ll get great pay going up and virtually nothing to come back.  Trying to track how much money you make per mile can be tricky unless you have a long view of the bottom line.  Profit per load isn’t always the best indicator – it’s just the simplest to figure out.

What we really need as owner-operators is a better way to look at our cash-flow.  When we know what our expenses are, we can decide if hauling a load for less than a dollar per mile is really worth it.  But what’s going to tell us that?

Trucking Industry Software for the Long Haul

I know there are a lot of software programs out there for truckers.  The trucking industry software field has a lot of good programs out there – if you only want them to do one thing.  If you want them to do everything – well, you’re going to pay for it.  Unless a program can save you as much as it costs, it’s an expensive waste.

That’s why we developed the Company Overview Report.  And created the formula for the costs per mile report and the revenue per mile calculations.  When you know those numbers, you’re ready to make your owner-operator business reach new levels of success.  That trip you were thinking about taking to get out of New England – you’ll know if you should take it or not.

Get Paid Faster Too

Our trucking industry software can help you to not only make more money, but get your compensation faster as well. That’s important to all business owners, whether you’re running a one-person operation or a giant corporation with tens of thousands of employees.

After all, the reason you’re in business is to turn a profit. Yet when you’re working for yourself, this isn’t as easy as doing the work and collecting a paycheck at the end of the week. Problems like these can put a real crimp in your cash flow:

  • Missed or improperly completed invoices. A good client won’t mind paying for a job well done. However, they’re unlikely to send out reminder notices if you neglect to bill them. And if your invoice is filled with errors, you can expect a lengthy delay in getting your money. In fact, you might even lose a customer.
  • IFTA tax reporting errors. Anyone who has ever run afoul of tax agencies knows just how testy they can be when they don’t get their share of the pie. Even when they do, it’s always possible they’ll pay you a friendly visit (or a not-so-friendly one) to have a look at your books. This is another aspect of running a transportation company in which human error can cost you big bucks. That’s why our trucking industry software has powerful tools to make IFTA filing as quick and painless as possible.
  • Problems with paying your people. Good truck drivers are hard to find these days. Keeping them working for you means treating them fairly, especially where compensation is concerned. Yet cutting paychecks can get complicated when you’ve got different mileage rates and other factors to consider. If something goes wrong, then you may be scrambling to find someone at the last minute.

Here at TruckingOffice, we understand just how challenging running a transportation company can be. You see, we’re truckers ourselves. We built our customized trucking industry software with all the tools you need to run your business both properly and profitably. Find out how good TruckingOffice is by taking it for a free 30 day test drive starting today.

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