I’m not saying that your navigator sent this to us… but if the chewed shoe fits, you might want to pay attention, in case you get your IFTA done fast.IFTA done fast

Dear TruckingOffice,

I’ve logged over a half a million miles on the road over the past few years and I’ve got a bone to pick with you about your IFTA filing software.

It used to be that when my driver was working on the IFTA, we’d take a lot of long walks together.  I’d get a stick and we’d play fetch for a while.  I didn’t mind if the driver was saying things that he says when stupid drivers cut us off on the interstate.   I’d get a lot of walks in on those days at home.  When he was working on the IFTA (and it always took a very long time) I’d get to play with the kids and chase those cats out of my bed.  I know my driver never liked the IFTA very much, but it was a guaranteed couple of days at home every three months.

When we came home for the IFTA, I could always find something interesting to sniff on our walks.  Of course, I always had to get to the groomers and get some fancying up, but my driver’s wife is like that.  Besides, the groomer gives me a nice new bandana to wear.  I like that.

But this year, my driver got TruckingOffice trucking management software.  I thought it was odd when we got home in March to do the taxes.  He got the IFTA done fast and I didn’t get so many walks.  But we had a new puppy and I met this really interesting neighbor…  I’d never seen before on another dog or cat with those kinds of stripes.  But I ended up at the groomers.  I didn’t get a bandana this time.  My driver kept saying something about “get that stink out before you get back into the truck.”

The next time we came home to do the IFTA in June, he got the IFTA done fast again.  Then my driver and the wife and kids took me camping not too far off I-40.  I figured I was in for some good long walks but the driver and the kids found a lake to jump in.  I spent most of my time protecting the driver’s wife from any of those funny striped animals… just in case.

Now it’s October and we’re back at home.   “I got that IFTA done fast today, Rusty,” my driver said.  No walks, except out to the mailbox and back.  That’s not much of a walk.

TruckingOffice, what did you do?  I see my driver playing with that little squeaky toy he likes to talk to and then he says, “Getting TruckingOffice was the best money I ever spent, except when I got you, Rusty.” ( It’s nice to know he thinks so highly of me.)  Since I got properly trained, I don’t know much about the paperwork side of the trucking business.  I do know that my driver and his wife sure aren’t as upset about it as they were before we got TruckingOffice.  And when we stopped for an oil change and TruckingOffice told my driver that we needed some new tires, he decided we would get them now. I got a nice long walk that day.  That was nice of you, TruckingOffice.

I just miss my long IFTA weekend walks.

I just got back from the groomers with a new bandana.  Time for us to get back on the road.  I think TruckingOffice is starting to tell us how to get to our next load now, too.  (That’s nice that you’re helping me be a better navigator.)  But I know one thing for sure:  you’re not ever going to protect the driver from those striped things.  That’s my job.

Rusty Miller, navigator

IFTA done fast

Get that IFTA done fast.

We’ll take care of the numbers and

  • handle your invoices, including late pays
  • track and record your maintenance with reminders for service
  • manage dispatches
  • provide trucking-specific business reports

so you’ll have plenty of time to take that long walk with your four-legged navigator.  Want to see more?  We’ll give you and your dog a free 30-day trial, no credit card needed.  (Walks not included.)

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