Backaches, Broken Pencils, and Bad Coffee

IFTA problems go away by using TruckingOffice's fuel tax reporting software.

Joe’s smiling because his IFTA problems just went away by using TruckingOffice’s fuel tax reporting software.

Joe has been an owner-operator for nearly 20 years.  During that time he has seen it all, from waist-deep snow to grizzly bears napping in the middle of the highway.  He even claims to have seen a ghost once.  Joe has eaten mountains of country-fried steak and drank rivers of coffee in every fancy truck stop and two-bit diner from St. Louis to Seattle.  He has had heartburn from jalapeno omelets and hernias from lifting heavy equipment parts.  He has slept on lumpy mattresses, dealt with dispatchers and state troopers.

In short, Joe has paid his dues more than once.  He never complains, though; he takes the good with the bad and keeps on going.  But one thing has pushed him to the brink time and again: filling out those crazy fuel tax forms.  You know the kind; you’ve probably wrestled with them yourself a time or two.

To Joe, they conjure up images of broken pencil tips, misplaced scribble sheets, and pocket calculators with tiny screens.  Joe even feels his back pain flare up when he thinks about the times he has been hunched over the kitchen table till four a.m., sipping stale coffee and swallowing aspirin by the handful.

Then came fuel tax reporting software from TruckingOffice.  To Joe it’s a gift from above.  What was once a dreaded nightmare is now quick and easy because of the program’s must-have benefits:

  • Automated mileage calculating from PC*Miler—throw that pocket calculator away.
  • State-by-state sorting of all miles saves you endless hassles.
  • Eyeglass-friendly screens that are a breeze to read—no more “PC headaches” or squinting.
  • Instant recording and updating of all information—no need to constantly check your work for mistakes.
  • Dead-on totals of all fuel taxes—never overpay again.
  • Assured accuracy gives peace of mind.
  • Time savings frees up your schedule for better things, like hauling more loads.
  • NO MATH—let us say that one more time: NO MATH.

Paying taxes has never been anyone’s idea of “fun.”   But fuel tax reporting software from TruckingOffice takes the hassle away, allowing you to pay your bill to the government exactly—never a penny more or less.  To see why you need us in your corner, let’s spend a moment in the life of Joe Baker, professional truck driver.

Why Cloud-Based Fuel Tax Reporting Software Makes Sense

Have you ever heard someone say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”  That saying goes back to a farm girl who was carrying fresh-laid eggs to market one morning when she tripped and smashed them to bits.  The lesson is clear: don’t put all your crucial items in the same place.  But that’s exactly what you’re doing when you keep your data on your computer (or a notebook, depending on your current system.)  You leave it vulnerable to fires, theft, break-ins, or hard drive crashes.

Trucking Office removes this risk by storing your fuel tax reporting information in ultra-secure online databases, which you can access from anywhere without putting your information at risk.

Take TruckingOffice’s fuel tax reporting software for a Test Drive

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it around the block first, would you?  Why would you treat fuel tax reporting software any differently?  That’s why you get a full 30 days to try out Trucking Office.  And leave your checkbook and credit cards where they are; you won’t need them unless you decide to subscribe.  We’re not really worried about that, though.  TruckingOffice is simply too good to pass up.  Find out for yourself by starting your free trial today.

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