Shane wanted to be in business  for himself.  When he got out of the Army, he looked around for a while and decided that there wasn’t much he could do that would get him to self-employment faster than driving his own truck.  Three years later, he convinced his brother Duane to join him, and now the two of them have three trucks. They’ve hired a driver for the other truck, but they’re working on Dad to retire and join them.  Business is good right now.

Shane’s only problem is keeping track of the fleet.  Duane’s superpower is finding great loads, but Shane’s got to keep track of things so that the invoices can go out.  But he’s on the road too.  Keeping track of things when he’s home is getting rough.  Too rough.

Dad found the solution with a fleet vehicle management software.  He found TruckingOffice PRO would track all three trucks at one time – dispatches, billings, and mileage – without any extra work on anyone’s part.  (Mom was worried she’d get stuck with that.)

Fleet Vehicle Management Software on the Road

Our TruckingOffice fleet vehicle management software can help you stay on top of every aspect of running your business, whether you run two trucks or 2,000. And because it’s cloud-based, you’ll never have to worry about hard drive crashes or expensive virus protection suites.  You can use it in your cab – wherever you have a safe wifi signal or use your smart phone.  There is no better way to enjoy this many benefits for so little cost.

Here are just some of TruckingOffice’s many features:

  • An invoice creation module that simplifies the process of billing your clients. Timely invoicing is key to receiving steady payments, but it’s possible to overlook this essential task in the flurry of activity that occurs every day. You’ll never have that concern when you use TruckingOffice PRO for your fleet vehicle management. It can help you to get paid accurately and on time, every time. In that way alone, TruckingOffice pays for itself and more.
  • A mileage tracker that lets you know how far each vehicle has traveled on every trip, whether it’s across town or across the country. This is important for everything from scheduling maintenance to paying fuel taxes accurately. Because TruckingOffice uses PC*Miler, you’ll never again have to worry about making costly errors when it comes to calculating mileage.
  • Proper maintenance is essential to truck driving success. TruckingOffice can help by reminding you when upkeep comes due on a particular vehicle, no matter how many trucks are running. You’ll enjoy added efficiency, safety, and peace of mind while avoiding costly repairs due to neglect. What could be better than that?

Accurate mileage calculation, timely invoicing, and properly maintained vehicles: these are just some of the benefits of our fleet vehicle management software. We’re so sure you’ll love TruckingOffice we’re willing to let you take it for a free test run and see for yourself. You’ll soon agree with us that it’s the best product of its kind on the market.

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