According to studies, the FMCSA estimates that an ELD can cost a trucking company up to $495 a year, or over $41 per month. In the same study, it was shown that electronic logging devices could range from $165 to $832 per year. For any trucking company, these costs can certainly add up to an exorbitant cost. TruckingOffice offers more than just an ELD with their monthly and annual affordable deals. Not only do you receive an easy-to-use ELD application, but you also receive a vehicle interface device. 

TruckingOffice ELD Compared to Another Provider

After comparing the many ELD devices and deals, you’re now wondering which to choose.  How do you know you’re getting the most for your money?  Will you be trapped in a long contract that you can’t get out of if you want to?  Also, you want to be sure the company stands behind their promises.  

You want to make an informed decision and be sure of getting a product that meets ELD standards according to the ELD mandate. There are so many things to consider, it can be hard to know where to begin.  

We’d like to help, so here are a few things about our TruckingOffice ELD that many providers don’t offer:

  1. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
  2. Free vehicle interface device (VID) with our annual package.
  3. Free mobile application for BYOD.
  4. Manage driver log book records with unlimited access to the company control panel.
  5. FMCSA compliant electronic logging device.

Our ELD package is not only affordable, it is backed by our commitment to making your job as a trucker easier and more profitable.  Another benefit of our package is that you get to choose whether you’d rather go with monthly or annual payments.  Either way, you’ll save money and be assured of the high-quality products and service you deserve and expect.

Trucking Office Plan Benefits

With TruckingOffice, all you need to do for an ELD system (and more) is pay a simple $20 per month. You are not bound by this subscription, so you can cancel any time you wish. With this deal, you are getting more than just a complete ELD system. For starters, you will have free access to our mobile application. This application will work on any mobile phone or tablet with data services enabled.

For a one time fee of $89.95, you receive a vehicle interface device, or VID, that will read your truck’s ECM (engine control module. ) This device also communicates with your mobile phone or tablet using Bluetooth. With this purchase, you will also have unlimited access to a company control panel that will allow you to manage all driver logbook records.

TruckingOffice’s best deal is an annual ELD deal for $240 a year. This deal will give you more than the monthly subscription package. For one, your VID is completely free. That’s right, the VID that costs $89.95 with a monthly subscription is completely free with an annual subscription. With this plan, you also receive access to your company’s control panel and our mobile application. With this annual plan, you don’t need to worry about monthly upkeep to maintain a subscription. Instead, you only need to make a one-time purchase.

Getting Started 

With either of these plans, you will get started online. Firstly, you will decide which plan is right for you. Next, you will set up your drivers’ accounts and invite them into the system. Your drivers will install the TruckingOffice electronic logging device application onto their phone or tablet. As for the VID, it is received in the mail. Once received, the VID can be plugged into a truck’s ECM port and connected to the TruckingOffice application. From there, the VID will communicate with the computer in a truck.

From then on out, you will be able to see all of your driver’s logbook information and edit log information (you cannot edit driving time per FMCSA rules). You can also view and maintain all of your drivers’ logbooks. Additionally, with the ELD, you can easily send roadside inspections to your DOT inspector and keep all of your DOT records in your company interface. If you are stopped for a roadside inspection, you can easily pull up to several days of logs to show that you are FMCSA compliant. 

The Most Affordable ELD 

TruckingOffice will not only offer you an affordable monthly and yearly plan, but they offer more than just an ELD. The VID, free with our annual plan, will read a truck’s electronic control module and communicate with your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. This VID is communicating with our application, which is also free with both plans. With your ELD application dashboard, you or your truck driver will easily be able to work with a logbook and edit duty status. With TruckingOffice’s 100% FMCSA compliant ELD, you are gaining an easy and affordable to maintain logbooks and a driver’s safety

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