We saw this article about the ELD delay request from Indiana.  It seems that the attorney general is questioning the validity of self-certification of the ELD equipment currently on the market.

We know that older electronic logging devices don’t comply with the ELD mandate. But, they didn’t have the standards set at the time.  Each company produced equipment that met the trucking companies’ requirements at the time.

The attorney general is right to be concerned about what’s available on the market.  We took a tour of what’s available on Ebay today.  Of the top 10 listings, three were NOT listed on the FMCSA record of acceptable ELDs.  A couple looked pretty questionable – they even used big names in the industry to get your confidence.  However, when we searched for the model number on the FMCSA database, they didn’t turn up.

Standards Matter

Certification is a real concern when there are major consequences.  Self-certification by the ELD manufacturers sounds risky.  If we truckers can’t show a legit record of our HOS, the fines are high.  That attorney general in Indiana points at a problem. However, the solution is built into the mandate.

When a device fails, the driver should call it in to the manufacturer as soon as possible.  If the failure is discovered by a law enforcement officer or DOT inspector, the manufacturer is notified and given a deadline to get it fixed.  Additionally, if the manufacturer doesn’t solve the problem on time, then they lose their certification.  Furthermore, there’s even a link on the FMCSA page of revoked devices

A lot of companies jumped on the ELD bandwagon because they see a quick way to make some money. But, are they going to keep up their end of the deal by maintaining their standards?  Will they even still be around in a year after the December 17, 2017, deadline has passed?ELD Deadline December 17 TruckingOffice

We will.  We’re committed to our drivers and fleet managers. 

How committed are we?

TruckingOffice’s  Customer ELD story

One of our first customers for our TruckingOffice trucking management software bought our first ELD when we first put them out.  This customer has been with us since 2011 – possibly our longest continuing user of our TMS.  He had been one of our beta testers for the ELD system and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.

But after one day, he called in and said

I’m not happy with the ELD.

There were problems.  He told us he was happy with our trucking management software, but he wanted to cancel the ELD system.

Being in the trucking software business for 6 years with us, this trucker has been through all of our changes and growth.  He’s seen us add new features, streamline the old ones, and develop reports that help him make his owner-operator business successful.  He saw our commitment to him.

We asked him to reconsider.

He decided to give us another chance and said,

I trust you guys to make it right.

We fixed the problems.  We appreciated his faith in us and the chance to prove that we are committed to building the best ELD at the best possible price.  He’s still using the ELD and our TMS – and happy with both.

Do you have that kind of confidence in the ELD you’re going to buy?

We’re still tweaking the system to make it work for you.

This week, we got some weird signals from our testing crew.  Was the ELD functioning correctly?

Our crack team of programmers started working right away to find the problem and fix it.  They got the problem solved and the system working properly.  None of our truckers even noticed.  That’s one of the benefits of our system:  you’re not updating the system – we are.  

One of our biggest updates was the tie-in to the TMS.  You can now move from the ELD records to the TruckingOffice trucking management software system.  We are planning more integration in the future, but as of now, you’ll see your data from both programs with only a touch of a button.  As we move into IFTA season, this feature will be very helpful in creating the most accurate IFTA reports available – without entering any extra data.  

Best ELD Value

Right now, the ELD is one giant headache that we’re going to have to face, regardless of the Indiana attorney general.  We’re committed to making this process as simple as possible.

You’ve got our commitment to backing our products, keeping them current, accurate, and simple to use.  We know you want value – we’re here to provide it.

The ELD mandate date is only days away.  Get your TruckingOffice ELD system today.

A Final Word

Unfortunately, being an independent motor carrier is not as simple as loading up the truck and driving it to a destination.  We’re sure you already know that, but it bears repeating because you may be discouraged at times by all the rules and regulations you’re required to remember and follow.  But, as spoiled Americans, we need you out there delivering the goods we love and need. So, rest assured, we’ve got your back. At TruckingOffice, we understand your dilemma and have focused our skills and time on creating products that will eliminate some of the stress and make your job easier. 

With our TMS and ELD systems, you’ll save time, always be compliant with quarterly IFTA reporting, avoid fines and penalties, and know where your business stands financially.  Also, our system provides the data required to help you track the four pillars of trucking management which are cash flow, expenses, reports, and dispatching.  Your job will never be an easy one, but we are committed to doing what we can to smooth out the rough patches.

If you’d like to know more about our products take a look at our ELD Buyer’s Guide and the ELD features page. 

Order your plug & play ELD system now


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