The ELD mandate is an attempt by the FMCSA to reduce highway accidents involving commercial motor vehicles.  Most CMVs must install an FMCSA-compliant electronic logging device. The mandate applies to large and small fleets, as well as owner-operator vehicles.  

The FMCSA works in conjunction with the US Department of Transportation (DOT).  The goal of these agencies is to reduce driver fatigue, which is the primary cause of accidents.  Their stricter Hours of Service (HOS) regulations will limit the number of hours a driver can drive in a day.  

Also, ELDs replace paper logs, making it difficult for drivers or fleet managers to falsify HOS.  In this way, highway safety improves.  The devices record duty status automatically and are tamper-resistant.

What Changes Should Truckers Expect in 2021?

The deadline for ELD implementation was December 18, 2017.  Since then, there have been updates and changes.  So, is there anything new you need to know about the ELD mandate for 2021?  

The FMCSA’s goal is to expand and update strategies that improve highway safety for motor carriers.  Here are a few of their objectives for the coming years:

  1. In the “Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2021-2023,” one goal is to improve data collection and analysis techniques. They will also expand initiatives that promote safety and risk management for the trucking industry.  Another new initiative is the North American Fatigue Management Program (NAFMP).  It includes components to reduce driver fatigue and improve driver health and safety.
  2. FMCSA will work with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  The goal is to determine NAFMP’s effectiveness. 
  3. The FMCSA also plans to conduct the Large Truck Crash Causal Factors Study (LTCCFS) between 2021 and 2023.  The study will provide information on the role of technologies and driving behaviors in preventing crashes.  

These objectives are not ELD specific; however, the results of the initiatives may lead to some changes that will affect the ELD mandate in the future. 

New FMCSA Driver Feedback Panel Announced for 2021

On January 15, 2021, the US DOT and FMCSA announced that they have named 25 CMV drivers to serve as panel members for the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC).  The new panel members are drivers selected from all sectors of the trucking industry. 

In the recent press release, FMCSA Deputy Administrator Wiley Deck commented:

  “FMCSA believes in listening to our drivers and hearing their concerns directly. We know that many of the solutions to the challenges we face don’t come from Washington—they come from the hard-working men and women who are behind the wheel all over our nation.  This new subcommittee to MCSAC will further help us hear from America’s commercial drivers.” 

The new panel will provide feedback to the FMCSA on issues drivers face daily.  Those issues include HOS regulations, safety, training, parking, and so on.  Future safety initiatives will incorporate this feedback.

With these new initiatives rolling out, an FMCSA-compliant ELD will play a vital role in providing the HOS data needed by the committee.  So, it’s important to know you have the best device available today.

How the Right ELD Can Help You Easily Adapt to the New Mandate?

Ever since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented the new ELD mandate, fleet operators have had to prepare their vehicles for compliance by seeking high-quality ELD systems for installation. 

The ELD mandate states that all commercial truck drivers must install ELD systems within their truck’s dashboard to comply with the HOS requirements for road safety. Even though the mandate may at first seem daunting, the fact is that ELD systems are much easier than documenting logs by hand, so finding the right ELD to comply with the mandate should be every trucker’s top priority. 

TruckingOffice’s ELD system that integrates with your truck’s TMS software is a premium, easy-to-use system that satisfies all of FMCSA’s requirements, such as:

  • Providing accurate miles driven
  • Calculating costs of miles 
  • Tracking HOS
  • Signaling when a driver is on/off duty

Understandably, some drivers may at first be reluctant to install ELDs in their trucks, but the previous laws have changed in favor of road safety. Now, it is only a matter of compliance, unless you are one of the few truckers exempted from the mandate due to extenuating circumstances. By complying, truckers will see that their jobs are made easier and more efficient with the help of ELDs.

TruckingOffice Can Provide the ELD Solution You Need

Are you looking for your first ELD or want to upgrade?  If so, you’ll want an affordable, easy-to-use, reliable product.  With our FMCSA-certified ELD, you’ll get those features and more.  You’ll also appreciate the flexibility of using your own smartphone or tablet.
Our ELD solution is suitable for any operation, whether owner-operator or fleet builder.  So, join the thousands of other truckers who are glad they found TruckingOffice.  Order your ELD system today. We offer monthly or annual plans to suit your budget.  You’ll discover how much easier ELD trucking can be.

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