Did you see that the FMCSA has revoked 10 more ELDs from the Registered Devices list? Those systems failed to meet minimum requirements. ELD compliance is not optional for truck owner operators or fleets. The systems must be replaced in 60 days.

Not exactly news you wanted to wake up to this week.

ELD Compliance

According to the Overdrive Magazine report, these 10 ELD systems (plus others already pulled from the list earlier this year) were not ELD compliant to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 Subtitle B Chapter III Subchapter B Part 395 Subpart B Appendix A to Subpart B of Part 395. Just for fun, I copied that document and pasted it into Word. It’s 92 pages long. The appendix is 92 pages long.


Over the past six years, we’ve seen truck ELD systems come and go. With a self-certification and the rush to get a product on the shelf when the ELD mandate went live in 2017, plenty of bad systems got the boot over time.

So, if you’re using one of those ELD systems that has lost its ELD compliance status, consider using a system that’s designed not just to be compliant, but to help build your trucking business.

ELD and Trucking Software together

We’re in a tough trucking recession right now. Even if we weren’t, no one is going to throw away money on a useless system.

Here’s the deal: there are a lot of ELDs with bells and whistles. They stand on their heads and sing the national anthem or whatever. They’re trying to be all things to all trucking companies.

But what if the mandated ELD system could do to make your business more profitable?

TruckingOffice thinks that using the ELD data more effectively is smart. But we’re not just about reporting locations. That data is invaluable to help you make decisions about your trucking business.

But you can’t get it into your trucking management system without a lot of extra work unless the ELD is connected to your trucking management software.

Instead of spending extra hours trying to reconcile numbers, enter them properly into a spreadsheet, and learn anything from them, why not use a combined system that

  • create the most accurate IFTA and IRP reports so you can be confident that you’re paying exactly what you owe
  • track your mileage for invoices, and tracking time for detention payments so you get paid properly
  • create Trucker Stats ™ that show you where you’re doing well, and what needs to be improved.

TruckingOffice wants to help you build a successful trucking business. With TruckingOffice PRO, you’ve got the management software that takes care of the business end – dispatches, routings, invoices, maintenance records and scheduling – and with the mileage accuracy of the ELD and the security of ELD compliance.

Put those together and you’ve got the winning combination to understand your trucking business and how to make it grow.

Check out TruckingOffice ELD and TruckingOffice PRO today!

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