If you’re in the cab of a semi truck, then there’s an ELD (electronic logging device) in there with you. The rules for ELD compliance are pretty clear. Failure to have a working ELD in your truck can cause you a lot of trouble. Sure, ELDs can fail and there are ways to manage those situations with paper logs, but you can’t ignore ELD compliance regulations without serious consequences.

ELD Compliance

The regulations for ELDs were laid out almost 10 years ago. How they should work. How they should report.

Changes have been made to make the ELD better to use, but despite several attempts to get the requirement for the ELD removed, it’s here. It’s even likely that most of the truckers on the road today have never driven without one, since it’s been almost 6 years since the ELD mandate was put in place.

The biggest problem with ELD compliance isn’t the ELD device. It’s the drivers. FMCSA removed some ELDs over time for non-compliance. Some new ones are added and some are reinstated. When you check their website, you’ll find a current list of compliant ELDs.

What do ELDs track?

According to the FMCSA:

An ELD automatically records the following data elements at certain intervals:

  • date;
  • time;
  • location information;
  • engine hours;
  • vehicle miles; and
  • dentification information for the driver, authenticated user, vehicle, and motor carrier.

All of this is done to reduce the number of unsafe drivers on the roads. So truckers who try to falsify their records do so risk fines as much as $15,000 per occurrence. That could be enough to put an owner-operator out of business.

ELD compliance has some flexibility for truckers. We’re not going to talk about how to beat the system. The regulations were put in place because too many truck accidents had driver fatigue as a major or contributing factor.

Over-engineered ELDs

There are some ELD systems that go way beyond compliance to the ELD mandate. They charge accordingly. But if you’re an owner-operator or running a small fleet and all you want is the basics to meet ELD compliance, then you want to look at TruckingOffice ELD. Our simple to use system is easy to install and totally compliant with the FMCSA’s regs.

We keep it simple for you to use because the bells and whistles cost more.


You’ll find your trucking business will succeed if you have the right tools. TruckingOffice PRO and TruckingOffice ELD work together to give you the Trucker Stats™ to reach your trucking business goals. Check us out today at TruckingOffice.com.

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