We talk a lot about TruckingOffice’s extras.  We spend a lot of time talking about IFTA and about truck maintenance.  But the core of TruckingOffice is to be an easy trucking invoicing program.  After all, if we can’t do that, nothing else matters.

Easy Trucking Invoicing Program

When you’re looking for a good invoicing program for your trucking business, it’s got to do the heavy lifting for you.

Routing:  Once you get the order for the load, you’ve got to get the best possible routing.  Depending on Google Maps isn’t always a great choice if your load is over-sized or over weight.  You’ve got to be aware of low bridges and weight limits.  You’ll get a better routing from PC*Miler.

Dispatching:  Getting the details right in a simple process shouldn’t be hard – but have you seen some of the other trucking invoicing programs out there?  “Simple” doesn’t describe it.  You’ll have to repeat the data for repeat customers.  The data entry alone takes a long time. And then you have to do it again and again.

Invoice creation:  Does the invoice creation process allow you to add a Remit to option?  Do you have to re-enter the shipper’s name and address even if this is the 100th load you’ve hauled for them?  Can you enter extra expenses that the shipper agreed to pay, such as fuel fees or detention fees?

When we work on our own, there’s a lot of redundant work that we get to do.  The same shipper, same address – all has to be retyped.  And if you have a typo in the address or the name of the person who’s going to authorize your payment – how long is it going to take for you to notice?  How long until you get paid?

The Benefits to You

1. Safety

For many of the young who are just joining the trucking industry, having a computer to handle the paperwork isn’t new – it’s expected.  There must be a way to have these tasks automated, they think.  An easy trucking invoicing program isn’t optional for them.  It’s simply finding one that works.

“We want an app.” 

Yes, we hear that a lot.  We don’t have an app for a lot of reasons.  The most important reason is your data is too important to keep on your phone.  What happens if you lose your phone?  By using a web-based system, we allow you to

  • be confident your data is safely stored, even when your phone is not.
  • access your data from anywhere – at home, on a phone, on a tablet or laptop, or even a hotel business center.
  • know your information is secure – we’ve got top notch security systems to protect you.

So we’ve got a software solution that manages your invoices, is accessible, and secure.  You can be easy because you know you’re safe.

2. Easy to use

Yeah, but is it easy to use?  You betcha.  You can use it in your cab!

We’ve refined our invoice entry over the years to make it as simple and as easy as possible.  We call it the One Minute Entry form.  You’ll build up your customer list in the database and never have to retype a name again.  Got a lane you handle regularly?  We’ve got a system that will make those entries fast!

With the invoicing program, you can send a picture of the signed BOL and your invoice from your cab.  You don’t have to wait to get home to send out your invoices.  This will speed up getting paid.  And if there’s a problem, you’ve got all the data immediately accessible. Don’t wait till you get home to handle it!

Tracking your invoices?  Make sure you’re getting paid on time.

Time to pay the income taxes?  We’ve got it covered with a complete set of reports or you can export your data to QuickBooks for the accountant in your life.

You need to keep track of the dollars so you can stay in business.  TruckingOffice has the easy trucking invoicing program you need to let you do just that.

But wait!  There’s more!

3.  Beyond the Invoice

That data you enter for the invoice will be used again and again.

  • IFTA and IRP?  No problem – we save you time by doing them in seconds.
  • Want to know what’s making you money?  You will understand your trucking business and how it’s making money for you.
  • Trying to build up your repeat business? Your customer list is a click away to build those relationships for more future loads.

You may be looking for an easy trucking invoicing program.  What you need is a full trucking management software solution – for the same price.

Don’t be satisfied with a risky app that doesn’t protect you.  Get a program that will support you and make your company successful.  The best way to do that is to give TruckingOffice a chance.  No money down for an absolutely free trial to experiment with the power of TruckingOffice’s trucking management solution.  Try it today to discover the power of an easy trucking invoicing software that does it all.



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