October is coming – and so is the IFTA.  Are you looking for easy IFTA software?  Is that enough?

Easy IFTA software

Honestly, easy IFTA software was the first thing we planned when we built TruckingOffice.

Truckers have had to spend too much time taking care of the fuel tax filings.  We had to calculate miles per state based on our mileage on our odometers in our cabs – when we properly remembered to record them.  We had to find out what the most recent rates per state were and pull out three months of receipts.

Nothing about the IFTA was easy.  Then we build TruckingOffice with a single thought:  all this data that we enter when we get the dispatch to produce the invoice is the basis for the IFTA.  Instead of starting over, why not use that same data to complete the IFTA? All we would need to add was the miles per state – which we could get from PC*Miler.  When we don’t have to re-enter the data, we save time and avoid potential errors.

Suddenly, a task that took hours – not to mention the anxiety of trying to get it right – now takes minutes.  We can have confidence that the numbers are right.

Easy IFTA Software is easy on us.

It’s not just the IFTA.  Then there’s the IRP, too.

Same data, different form, more filing fees.  But because TruckingOffice handles all those numbers for the IFTA, the IRP is now fast and simple too.

The real power of an easy IFTA software isn’t that it does the IFTA.  It’s when it does more that makes it more valuable.  Why shouldn’t it do more?

Benefit 1: Discover the truth about your business.

We go from invoice entry to dispatch/routing to invoicing.  How nice is it to get all those tasks done in one step?  That’s a sweet deal.  But is it enough?

TruckingOffice doesn’t think so.  That same data – along with your expenses – can now produce multiple reports to show how your trucking business is doing.  Are you making money?  It’s easy to tell when you’ve got a Company Overview Report that breaks down your trucking into simple numbers –

  1. cost per mile
  2. revenue per mile
  3. profit per mile.

Those three numbers are the core of your business.  And all of them come from the same data.

Benefit 2: Determine your future loads.

You wouldn’t think your IFTA data was going to help you know if you should take a load, but it can.

Your IFTA report can be run at any time and you’ll see where you need to buy fuel to cut the quarterly tax.  Better than that, you can determine which load will get you to those states and jurisdictions so you can buy the fuel there.  We don’t want you running out of fuel on the highway just because you’re trying to buy fuel in a specific place.  It’s better to know all these details in advance and consider loads thoughtfully.  Then you can rest easy knowing you’re making the best decisions for your trucking business.

Benefit 3:  Relax because you’ve got it all covered.

When you use any IFTA software, you expect it to the the IFTA.  But what if it could do more?

Allen was one of those truckers who tried to manage everything with a combination of spreadsheets and word processing programs.

It didn’t work.   Even in the hospital, he had to take care of his trucking business because no one else knew what he was doing.  That led him and his father to start TruckingOffice trucking management software.

We mentioned the IFTA, IRP, and invoices.  But what about inspections?

DOT audits of your truck maintenance records can be simple and easy too – with the right software.  An IFTA-only software package isn’t going to do that for you.  You can produce your records without panicking when the feds come knocking.

If you’re ready to have an easy IFTA software that does far more, then we think you may want to consider TruckingOffice trucking management software solution.  We’ll make it even easier – how about a free trial?  You can even sign up now and get your IFTA done by entering the last quarter’s data into the program and discover how easy our program is to use.

Make it easy on yourself.  Use TruckingOffice Easy IFTA Software.


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