Can Transportation Management Software increase your profits?

It had better.  Otherwise, what are you doing with it?

In this economy, truckers feel like they’re being asked to haul loads practically for free.  Or worse, the pay per mile is less than it would cost the trucker to run the load.

Making a profit is very important.

If we don’t get paid enough, the dangers of a truck without proper maintenance on the road are only part of the problem.  We take risks to haul more, to maybe drive more hours than we should, or take on loads our rigs can’t really carry.  Making enough money to maintain our rigs, support our families and save for the future is important.

I think owner-operators who run small businesses get frustrated a lot by the attitude that we’re the place a shipper can cut corners to increase their profits.  They don’t get it.  We do a lot more than just haul a load from point A to point B.  We make sure the load is secure and safe to transport.  We’ll take the risks on the roads when it’s rough out there.  Our deliveries are professional and courteous.

It’s not too much to ask to be paid fairly for that.

Transportation Management Software Has to Help Us Make Money

That’s why transportation management software needs to carry its weight around our offices and in our cabs.  Truckers are selling their time to move these loads.  We can’t afford to waste time trying out a software program that won’t contribute to the bottom line.

How much time you spend doing tasks like these?

  • Creating a dispatch. You don’t want to have to move back and forth between programs to be sure you’ve got all the data you need to haul a load.  A profitable software system is going to have routing built into the dispatch module.  You need PC*Miler to get professional routing, not the way that Google Maps is going to show Grandma how to get to Florida for the winter.
  • Invoicing clients. Those who have never handled billing rarely understand just how complex this aspect of running a business can be. Adding up miles, figuring in different pay rates and fuel costs can turn invoicing into a real chore.
  • Keeping track of past due invoices. This is one job that can make or break a trucking company of any size. When you don’t get paid, you can’t stay in business.  Staying on top of late payments helps your cash flow and potentially can break you free from using a factoring service or credit cards.
  • Paying IFTA taxes. This is another unavoidable part of running a trucking company. As you know, the tax man wants every penny he’s got coming. And he wants it on time. Taking care of IFTA taxes without transportation management software can leave you open to expensive errors and even audits.

Our transportation management software won’t take all the challenges out of running your business profitably. However, it can make these and other tasks simpler and less time-consuming. That in turn will give you the freedom to do the one thing that puts money in your pocket: driving a truck. Find out about our transportation management software for yourself by taking it for a free 30 day test drive starting today.

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