Right now would be a tough time to try to break into the trucking field. High fuel prices, low rates, tough markets. It’s hard to make a reasonable bid for a load when you hear that loads are being underbid on the load boards. People are desperate right now. So why are we confident that you can make it in today’s trucking industry? Because TruckingOffice PRO gives you the tools to succeed, even in the crazy years. High fuel prices don’t have drive you off the road.

Know Your Numbers Right Now

Here’s what you need to know to stay on the road:

  • Your costs per mile.

Yep. That’s it.

Sure, there are plenty of other factors in making a decision if you should take a load. But you owe it to yourself to make sure the first question is if the pay for a load will cover the costs. If it doesn’t, does it give you something that is valuable enough for you to take it?

Sometimes, a low-priced load that gets you home instead of deadheading is worth it. The decision to take a load has to make sense. Deadhead loads cost us more now because of how high fuel prices are. But should you take a load for less than you can get from it?

What do we have control of?

We can control our expenses.

Controlling expenses doesn’t mean no expenses. It means controlling them – deciding when you pay for them.

It’s not buying everything on a credit card and paying it in installments (with interest.) It’s taking care of details when you can pay without pain.


A regular maintenance schedule takes care of critical tasks on your clock. When you know that you’ve got an oil change next month, you’ve got time to set aside the money for it, instead of putting it on credit.

Tires and brakes don’t have to be surprises. Regular inspections and proper maintenance – like keeping tires properly inflated – keep your rig in the best possible shape to haul loads. When you can use the techs to handle your rig’s maintenance, or even do it yourself, you can cut your maintenance costs way down. Planning ahead is a great way to know your numbers.

Maintenance pays, or you’ll pay more for maintenance.

By tracking your maintenance, you can schedule when you have work done on your rig. But more, by taking proper care of your rig, you can avoid the on-the-road emergencies. Tire blowouts on the road force a trucker to take what the repair truck brings – at their price. When you can see the potential for trouble, you can take care of it far cheaper.

Living Expenses

How much did the cup of coffee cost you? Or that turkey club sandwich?

We’re not here to shame you about what you bought to eat. But controlling your food costs is critical.

It’s a choice for each of us to make. Do we prepare foods on the road, or do we buy prepared food? It’s a decision that’s extremely personal. It’s the classic “time or money?” question. Unfortunately, there’s another factor: healthy.

By choosing healthy foods that you can prepare yourself, you’re not just saving money on your living expenses. You’re investing in yourself and your health. The past two years of pandemic have made us aware of how important it is to take care of ourselves.

Healthy choices don’t have to be expensive. Preparing good food takes planning, but it can be done. Like anything else, investments into the proper equipment for your cab may require some cash, but in the end, not depending on whatever you can find on the road to eat is smart – and less expensive. (We recommend Aldi’s. Good food, good prices. )

Make the right adjustments to your expenses

Just like you work to pick the right loads and negotiate your offers, you know what trade-offs you can make to keep your expenses down. Without sacrificing safety or profit, you can make the decisions to keep you on the road when the fuel prices rise.

You have to know those expenses and what they are.

That’s where TruckingOffice PRO comes in.

Know Your Numbers to Know Your Worth

We know you’re a responsible trucker who wants to make a living on the roads. We know that our lives depend on you. And we know that sometimes this industry doesn’t respect that.

So know your worth, down to the penny with TruckingOffice PRO so that you can’t be taken advantage of. So you don’t lose your livelihood or your trucking business.

Try TruckingOffice PRO for free today to find out what you’re really worth as a trucking business and to stay on the roads, regardless of fuel price.

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