I know I’m not the only one out there who started driving a truck and decided I wanted to own another truck. More trucks.  I wanted a fleet. Handling a fleet can also be a big responsibility, and I realized I needed Dispatching Software to help me manage my trucks.Can Your Dispatch Software Pay and Help Retain Your Drivers

I’ve got a few friends who’ve been down this road too.  They’ve taught me a lot about trucking company management.  But no one has to be told that paying your drivers what you owe them on the date you said you’d pay is one of the most important parts of being a fleet owner or manager.

Forbes Magazine ran an article that said there’s close to 100% turnover in the trucking industry.  People who run businesses outside of trucking can’t understand that kind of turnover.  We understand it.  Truckers have to be independently minded and self-sufficient individuals – and when those types of people don’t like a situation, they tend to go someplace else.  Truckers are in demand all the time to some degree.  They know they can go elsewhere and get another job.

The saying is true:  people don’t quit jobs, they quit managers.  The number one reason for people to leave a job isn’t the pay – it’s the boss.

If you’re the boss, you want to keep your best drivers.  You don’t want to have to recruit and train replacements.  You take a loss when drivers walk away after you’ve invested time and resources in them.  What can you do?

  1.  Treat your drivers with respect.  People who feel respected don’t look for a chance to leave.  When a driver goes above and beyond, that should be acknowledged.
  2.  Reward your drivers for accomplishments.  Recognize superior performance in drivers by any metric you like – the point isn’t the way you measure, but how the driver measured up.  When a driver achieves your standards, make sure that they know it and you let others know it as well.
  3.  Pay your drivers fully and on time.  This simple statement packs a lot of punch.  When a fleet manager has too many outstanding invoices and money is tight, shorting the driver creates tension and dissatisfaction that might never be overcome.

In today’s complex accounting systems, being sure that you’re paying the correct amount can be as simple as using a dispatching software that will manage the payroll or the driver settlements.  Gone are the days when we had to have a bookkeeper tracking miles and writing checks by hand.  Dispatching software takes the data of the dispatch and creates the invoice, but it can also handle the driver payments.

Doesn’t your software do that?

Dispatching Software Simplifies the Process

TruckingOffice dispatching software simplifies the process of calculating compensation for your drivers. It makes every aspect of the job simpler, including tasks like these:

  • Calculating driver’s pay. The system will do the math for you, or if you prefer, you can enter the information manually. It will even handle the task of figuring separate pay rates for members of driving teams.
  • Calculating payment the old-school way can become a nightmare when you try deducting advances for fuel or other purposes. This is yet another task TruckingOffice can handle for you with to-the-penny accuracy.
  • Invoicing your clients promptly and accurately is just as important as calculating pay rates. TruckingOffice makes this easy with features that let you link invoices to specific dispatches, including special charges for stop off, lumpers, or accessories. It also makes it super easy to track unpaid invoices and identify dispatches that have not yet been invoiced.

These are just a few of the exciting capabilities TruckingOffice provides. Here are some of the other advantages of using our product:

  • Executive-level protection for your business information. Our system safeguards your irreplaceable data with the same world-class features used by multi-billion-dollar corporations like Amazon, Walmart, and Google.
  • Easy access to the system from anywhere in North America with an Internet connection. All you need is a web-capable device and you can take care of business from wherever you are.
  • On-demand tech support from our staff of trained professionals. We’re just a toll-free phone call or email away if you have questions about how to use TruckingOffice.

As you can see, our dispatching software can make every aspect of running your trucking or freight brokerage business simpler. Find out for yourself how good our product is by taking it for a free 30-day test drive starting today.

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