There is a lot that goes into running a trucking business.  Like any company, there are a lot of moving pieces. From paying drivers to keeping track of deliveries to logging fuel and miles, there is a lot on an owner’s mind.  It is all too easy for something to slip through the cracks. This is where TMS comes in.

What is TMS?

TMS stands for trucking management software.  It is a system that helps trucking companies keep track of all their data.  Never again will you lose the paper that held last week’s shipping schedule.  Everything is saved online for quick and easy access. 

TMS also helps with accuracy.  No more spending hours slaving over logbooks, checking and double-checking your addition.  TMS does all the math for you. TMS software includes interstate fuel tax agreement (IFTA) reporting, dispatch tracking, invoice tracking, driver tracking, expense tracking, maintenance tracking, truck tracking, premium routing, and team driver tracking.

Why Choose to Use a Trucking Management Software?

The main purpose of TMS is to make truckers’ lives easier.  It saves them the time that they used to spend tracking all of their information on paper.  It also prevents them from forgetting or miscalculating data. This makes trucking a lot less stressful.  For example, the system automatically calculates IFTA payments. This can be a tricky thing to figure out, but with TMS, you will never overpay or underpay again. 

TMS is super helpful for business owners and managers.  It has features like dispatch recording. With this detailed record, it is clear who drove what to where and when it happened.  While this is something that most trucking companies have always had for their fleets, TMS makes it easy to produce and access. Trucking company owners know the struggle of keeping up with paperwork.  Even if you just consider dispatch, this includes data on driver’s pay, driver teams, advance information, customer information, shipping information, invoice creation, and fuel expenses.

All of these features are included in the dispatch TMS software.  Instead of stacks and stacks of paperwork in your office, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.  Running a trucking business has never been so easy.

Dispatch is pretty specific to trucking, but every business has expenses.  These too can be taken control of with TMS. The software can help you see where the money is going in your company.  TruckingOffice’s TMS offers the following expense features:

  • Quick and easy expense creation
  • Create your own customized expense categories
  • Sort and track expenses by date and by category
  • Generate expense reports showing totals for each category
  • Search expense history to quickly locate a specific expense

All of these make it easier than ever to take control of cash flow.  With TMS, you will be able to identify the spending tendencies of your business.  You can then use this knowledge to better manage the company going forward. Stopping a poor habit before it becomes a trend is easier when all of your data is stored and displayed neatly in one place.

Are You A Small Business Owner and Think You Don’t Need TMS? Let Us Prove You Wrong 

Whether you are thinking about starting a trucking company or already have an established business, you can benefit from using TruckingOffice software for truckers. Even if you operate a small trucking business, you can still benefit from using this program. 

TruckingOffice software can help simplify your business of trucking and distributing goods. If you spend a lot of time sending out invoices, this TMS program can make that process much more manageable.  The program makes it simple to send, edit, or create customized invoices for your clients. 

The software features a database that is ideal for storing company and client information. Keep track of everything from payments and payments owed to you to insurance and other expenses you must pay regularly. And as the owner of your trucking business, you will always have quick access to your company’s most important data. 

A fully automated program like TruckingOffice TMS software will help you manage your company’s objectives and keep them in order, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your trucking business. 

Ready to give TruckingOffice TMS a try?

TruckingOffice has been working with companies to implement their trucking management system for years.  The company was founded by a trucker trying to solve his own disorganization problems. Therefore, you know you can trust the results.  Call (800) 253-9647 to order now or learn more.

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