Okay, it’s a bad joke.  Talking about tickets to MATS and hinting at a traffic citation is a stretch for a laugh, but…  the question remains.  Do you have your ticket for the Mid-America Trucking Show yet?

There are a lot of reasons to make the trip to Louisville for MATS.

Whether you’re just thinking about moving into trucking, a new driver thinking about buying their first truck, or an long time trucker with millions of miles under your belt, MATS is a great way to spend some time in the trucking industry.

You’re going to see more truckers in one place here.  It’s always good to find fellow truckers.  Your tribe, your people, your comrades – whatever you want to call them.  These are the people who know what your life as a trucker is like in a way that the average citizen has no clue about.  That’s really valuable to you.  You don’t have to explain.  They know what you’re talking about.  And they know even more.  That’s even better.  The chances to learn from other experienced truckers and hear their stories don’t come often enough.

If you’re new to trucking or thinking about driving or better, buying your first truck, this opportunity to learn from the experts with millions of miles under their belts cannot be missed.

You’re going to see more equipment, supplies, and gadgets here.  Sure,  you’ve scrolled through the websites to look at what the catalogs have to sell you.  But at MATS, you’re going to see what’s new.  What has the potential to make your trucking experience better and more profitable.  You’ll also see the crazy things that nobody in their right mind should be buying but are flying off the shelves.  There’s nothing like being able to actually look at a product before buying it.  (And for those truckers who spend weeks on the road, this may be the best way to get something you want – no shipping!)

For the latest information and dates check out the trucking events calendar by TruckingOffice.

If you’re an experienced trucker, finding out the latest in trucking news and learning about the changes in the industry cannot be skipped.

So go get the ticket you need right now at the MATS website.  It’s free if you get it today!  If you wait till you get there, I guarantee you’ll pay more and stand in a very, very long line before you even get to the door.

And look for Allen as he’s walking around MATS in his TruckingOffice hat.  He wants to talk to you!

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