Over the years, trucking management has become more complex as governmental legislation and customer expectations seem to outpace your ability to comply.  You’ve got to maintain efficiency, improve productivity, reduce costs, stay compliant, and yet still find time to build your business.  It’s a lot to accomplish and you’re gonna need reliable trucking software to help you succeed.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a current user looking for an upgrade, choosing the right trucking software can be a confusing, tedious process.  With hundreds of products to compare, it will be challenging to choose the best one for your business.

Choosing the Right Trucking Software for Your Company

With all the demands placed on truckers daily, you need a TMS that will help you achieve all of the objectives required of you.  With that in mind,  we recommend that you ask the following questions before making a final decision on a TMS:

  • How do current users rate the product?
  • What is involved in the implementation process and how long will it take?
  • Will the system be easy to understand and use?
  • As my business grows, will the TMS adapt accordingly?
  • Will my information be easily accessed and secure?
  • Does the system help with routing and scheduling?
  • Will it provide real-time information on driver and vehicle locations?
  • Can it generate customized reports?
  • Is their customer service dependable?
  • Does the provider actively engage in monitoring and addressing issues in the system?

Above all, remember that the system should satisfy all your trucking management needs, not just a few.  Take a look at the features of our TruckingOffice TMS before making a choice you might regret later.  

Look for TMS Features That Save Time and Money

One thing you can count on in the trucking industry is that fuel costs and taxes usually go up, not down.  Also, rates are different for each state on your route.  These never-ending changes can make it difficult to stay on top of your daily expenses.  The good news is that a comprehensive TMS will track all of these factors to ensure accurate calculations and give up-to-date status reports to show where your money is going.  

Another thing you can count on as a trucker is vehicle problems.  Of course, a TMS can’t repair your vehicle, but it can let you know when to perform preventive maintenance that will minimize unexpected breakdowns.  

Also, the right TMS will save time and money because it drastically reduces paperwork, ensures accurate and timely IFTA reporting, and automatically generates invoices to help you get paid faster.  

How to Identify a Sketchy Trucking Software Provider

It’s not easy to choose the right software for trucking.  The options are almost limitless with so many providers and products out there today.  How do you know if you’re getting a sketchy provider when they all make such big promises?  Here are some things to be on the alert for in your search for trucking software:

  • Some TMS systems won’t provide all the data you need to make informed decisions.
  • Many systems are not user-friendly.  This can reduce your efficiency and end up costing you more money.  
  • The system doesn’t provide the real-time data you need for communicating with customers and drivers.
  • The information collected isn’t processed and stored in an actionable form.
  • Software on a disk is a bad idea. There are countless ways this can go wrong.
  • Hidden fees or lengthy contracts are also common with many providers.

If your provider has shown any of these signs, it may be time to try a new TMS!

TruckingOffice Wants to Help You Succeed

At TruckingOffice, our trucking software was designed to make your trucking life easier and more profitable.  Our goal is to provide the features you need in addition to a reliable system and dependable customer support.  Whether you’re shopping for your first TMS or upgrading from another product, you won’t be disappointed with our system.  

Another factor to consider when choosing the right TMS is affordability.  You’ll find that the prices differ substantially from one provider to the next.  TruckingOffice offers several pricing options so you can select a plan that fits your budget.  You can even change or cancel your plan if needed.  Furthermore, we won’t charge extra if others in your company use the system.  

With TruckingOffice trucking software you’ll get a reliable, cloud-based system, no hidden fees, and superior customer service.  You can access your data from any computer and allow as many users as you need.  So, don’t take a chance on getting a sketchy provider.  TruckingOffice will provide a TMS solution you can trust.  Check it out with this free trial.  You’ll be glad you did.

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