This Black Friday, as we think about the upcoming holidays – and beyond into next year – many of us are thinking of gifts we can give the truckers in our lives. Or, if we’re the truckers, how can we make next year better? TruckingOffice has a few ideas for both.

Whether a trucker is new to the industry or a million-mile veteran, the end of the year is the time for us to think about thanksgiving, gifts, and the future.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday (and Cyber Monday)

If you’re looking for an experienced trucker, let us recommend this combination gift.

Improving Our Trucking Businesses

TruckingOffice knows what truckers need to build a successful trucking business for owner-operators and small fleet managers.

TruckingOffice PRO trucking software plus ELD

TruckingOffice PRO trucking software will improve your trucking business because it takes the tasks of running a business and streamlines them.

With one easy data entry, TruckingOffice PRO produces a

  • dispatch
  • routing
  • invoice

at the same time that it manages your expenses, helps you control your truck maintenance, and tracks your miles per state for the IFTA and IRP filings.

Your trucker can spend the holidays with family and having fun instead of worrying about the business. TruckingOffice business reports will show

  • costs per mile
  • revenue per mile
  • cost per load
  • revenue per load

which are the key numbers that every trucker needs to know.

When a trucker knows those numbers, they’ll be confident that the loads they take will make a profit. They’ll understand why not to take a load when well-paying loads look good but won’t make money.

Along with TruckingOffice PRO, invest in the security that this year’s numbers are precise, saving money and preventing fines or penalties.

TruckingOffice ELD and trucking software are integrated. The two together produce exact IFTA and IRP tax reports, so that the taxes are precise and easy to calculate. Instead of worrying every three months about the IFTA filing, TruckingOffice handles it in seconds. The trucker can even do it in their cab. Their time at home can focus on more important things, like carving a turkey.

These two together make the perfect gift for an experienced owner-operator. Get it on Black Friday and then think about something else, like where to go for New Year’s Eve this year.

The Perfect New Owner-Operator Gift

New owner-operators often are shocked by the cost of getting on the road with their own trucking authority. The expenses add up quickly, which is why you want to jump on this Black Friday offer now.

ELD (electronic logging devices) are mandated by the US government to track the number of hours a trucker is working. Since it’s the government, it’s complicated – and required. So getting an ELD is necessary, but too many of the systems on the market now are more than the new trucker needs or wants to pay for.

TruckingOffice ELD provides exactly what the FMSCA requires and nothing else. No extra bells and whistles that jack up the price. But it does the job exactly as your trucker needs, so they don’t have to worry about an inspection, an audit, or if they’re in an accident. TruckingOffice ELD keeps the data for 4 years as required.

So with this Black Friday gift, your trucker can concentrate on more important things, like putting together that toy for the kids before they come down to unwrap it in .5 seconds flat.

TruckingOffice ELD has a great Black Friday offer this year. You can purchase one year of ELD service for your trucker at the discounted rate PLUS get the equipment they need to run it for free. It’s just a little knob that gets screwed into a port in the cab. So it stays out of the way. It uses the driver’s own smartphone or tablet.

Black Friday Gifts Make the Giver Happy Too!

When you’ve got a gift for your trucker, not only can you check that off the list, you can be happy that you got them the right gift. That’s a relief for you. You get the pleasure of watching them open the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

So this Black Friday, get your trucker the right holiday gift with the TruckingOffice PRO trucking software and TruckingOffice ELD package!

And if, by some chance, you didn’t see this before Black Friday, give us a call. We don’t want to ruin your holiday!

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