With the ELD mandate’s implementation now nearly a year old, owner-operator truck drivers have installed electronic logbooks on their trucks. And while many might be feeling bogged down, overwhelmed, or even frustrated with the requirements of the mandate, there’s always a silver lining. And with electronic logbooks for truck drivers, it’s a pretty big one.

ELDs Make Your Job Easier

The ELD mandate was created to ensure regulatory compliance to keep drivers in line with Hours of Service (HOS) requirements.  Electronic logbooks actually offer more benefits to drivers than tracking hours.  By tracking your own driving habits, an ELD can help you find ways to be a more successful driver and business owner.

Electronic logbooks for truck drivers can:

  • Cut down on paperwork.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, drivers spend more than 20 hours every year filling out tedious logs and paperwork. You can consider that wasted time a thing of the past once your electronic logbook is installed.
  • Make inspections easier.  Tired of waiting for the inspectors to get through your records?  ELDS will speed up the inspection time so you can get back on the road.
  • Help you make more money. You’ll have more time for what you get paid to do: drive. By cutting down on tedious paperwork and time-consuming inspections, that means more money in your pocket in the long run.
  • Ease IFTA tax reporting.  Forget hand-calculating your miles in each state for IFTA taxes. ELDs make reporting mileage and hours a breeze.
  • Reduce HOS violations, IFTA errors, and fines.  HOS violations and IFTA errors can mean serious fines and penalties. An electronic logbook can cut down on these mishaps and help keep more cash in your pockets.

As of Dec. 18, 2017, electronic logbooks for truck drivers became required by law.  Did you pick up the first one you saw at the truck stop on December 16th?  Are you still happy with it?  Maybe you’re looking for a better system that works with you instead of tangling you up with wires and a long-term, expensive contract.

Want an ELD solution that’s easy to install, easy to learn, and even easier on your coffers? Learn about the TruckingOffice ELD software now.