Guess what I found on the internet? A 78-page research paper on why people procrastinate on their taxes. Seems a bit much, right? But April IFTA and our income taxes fall only 15 days apart. So procrastination just isn’t an option this month. We have to get these filings done on time.

It’s a double dose of taxes this month. A lot of truckers are looking for a tax accountant to handles the load. At MATS last month, I saw several accounting firms that specialize in trucking – mostly taxes like income tax and IFTA. What really surprised me was how many don’t do anything beyond that.

Taxes and Invoices

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not putting down trucking accountants who can help you run your trucking business. After all, it’s smart to hire someone to take on a task that you don’t like to do or don’t want to spend the time doing. Handling a 1040 and the company taxes is important to get right the first time – a specialist who understands trucking will probably save you in taxes what you’ll pay in their fees and that’s tax deductible anyway.

But a lot of the numbers and information an accountant needs starts when you create an invoice. When you figure out the routing for the dispatch, the miles per state should be figured. When you add in your expenses that you bill the shipper for, those numbers apply to your taxes too.

So why don’t many trucking tax accountants handle the invoicing too?

I can’t speak for them, but I can say that you can manage your April IFTA with a full trucking management software solution. Instead of hiring an accountant manage a small task like IFTA, you can do it yourself.

You’re already entering all those numbers, right? So all you need is a program that’s going to use the same numbers to compute your IFTA filing. With the right program, it’s a matter of seconds to get the report printed. You can get IFTA filed in less than a half hour. So why pay an accountant for that?

Get your April IFTA done with TruckingOffice. And your July IFTA. And the October IFTA… you get the point.

And don’t forget – your income tax filing is due today too.

Try TruckingOffice now for free

We will give you a chance to try out our TruckingOffice trucking management software for free. You can enter all of last quarter’s data and compute your April IFTA at no charge while you discover the power of a program that doesn’t just do IFTA. Then you won’t have to procrastinate again on your taxes.

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