Did you know that 91% of large motor carriers now use trucking software?  So, what do they know that you don’t?  First, you should know that trucking management software (TMS) is not only for big fleet companies.  Even if you have only one vehicle in your operation, you can benefit from this technology.  Also, you need to know how a TMS can help your trucking business stand out from the competition.  

A recent survey shows that trucking companies who resist TMS are more likely to go out of business.  With that in mind, you should learn more about software for trucking and get on board with it as soon as possible.  The trucking industry is quite competitive, so here’s how a TMS can help you become a shipper of choice.

How to Differentiate Yourself from the Crowd

It all comes down to customer satisfaction.  Shippers are demanding, and they can be fickle.  So, your biggest challenge is keeping them happy.  Here are 5 ways a TMS will help you do just that:

#1.  Optimizes routing and booking.  

Delivering freight on time means maximized revenue for your company and your customer.  With a TMS, you’ll be able to plan loads, never double book, avoid deadheading, and manage mileage and fuel costs.  When you can plan ahead, it’s a huge relief!

#2.  Real-time data for dispatch and drivers.

A TMS provides real-time data you can share with shippers.  This visibility lets customers know when to expect the delivery.  If they know when the shipment will arrive, they can ensure that a driver’s wait time to unload can be reduced. They know that getting drivers in and out of their facility on time is crucial to everyone’s bottom line.  This real-time data is also valuable to dispatch and drivers with updates on vehicle locations, road conditions, etc. 

#3.  Tracks vehicle maintenance to prevent delayed shipments.

Routine vehicle maintenance should always be a priority.  When you take care of your vehicle, you will avoid many on-the-road emergency repairs. Unexpected vehicle problems can result in expensive repairs, delayed shipments, and unhappy customers.  But these problems can be avoided if you have a TMS.  The system will alert you when it’s time for preventive maintenance. In this way, you’ll prevent potential problems on the road that could result in lost customers.  Keeping your vehicle in optimal running condition is vital to the success of your business.

#4.  Helps you get paid faster.

For a small operation, waiting two or three months to get paid can be devastating.  A TMS streamlines your invoicing process so you’ll get paid on time.   Electronic bills of lading and automatic invoicing are easy to share among parties. Plus, you’ll save time and money by cutting down the burden of paperwork.  If you’re getting paid on time, your operation will be more efficient, your drivers will be happy, and shippers will keep you at the top of their list.

#5.  Manages all administrative aspects of your business.

You can’t spend hours a day on paperwork and still find time to build your business and focus on your day-to-day tasks.  At some point, something will get overlooked, and then a dissatisfied customer will be on your case.  A TMS can prevent this scenario.  The program tracks expenses, vehicle maintenance, invoicing, IFTA and IRP reporting, dispatches, mileage, fuel use, and more.  You’ll save time that can be used to keep those trucks rolling.

What TruckingOffice TMS Offers That Others Don’t

What does our TMS offer that others don’t?  We can answer that with 3 words:  peace of mind.  We realize that being a trucker is stressful, even on a good day.  So, we go the extra mile to make your job easier

While you’re driving hard to keep customers happy, you can relax knowing our TMS system is taking care of the rest.  Think of it as a virtual secretary who does everything except bring you coffee.  When your workday ends, you won’t have to spend long hours doing paperwork or rescuing receipts from wherever you stuffed them.  

Also, at TruckingOffice, we take pride in providing the highest level of customer support available today.  As former truckers, we understand that you don’t have time to waste. If you have issues or questions about our trucking software, we won’t make you stand around waiting to hear back from us.  Our responsive tech support team makes sure your issues get priority attention.  

With our reliable TMS and dependable customer support, you get an all-in-one trucking management solution.  These are the things that help us stand out from the competition, and we work hard to maintain that status.  So, give us a call today, and let’s get started on making your operation more organized and profitable.

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