Managing a trucking business without a trucking management software system (TMS) can present many challenges.  As a trucker, time is your most valuable asset.  But you may be wasting time if you’re not using a TMS.  

Of course, many truckers still resist letting go of the old ways because they don’t like technology or don’t trust it.  As a result, their daily paperwork routine is a daunting, time-consuming ordeal.  

Being a trucker is demanding enough, so why make it more difficult?  Are you still clinging to those paper logbooks and spreadsheets?  If so, take a look at these three ways not having a TMS makes your business management harder.  

Reason #1:  Limits your client base.

In today’s high-tech environment, some clients refuse to work with shippers who use paper-based systems.  The customer wants real-time data on delivery times and rates.  But, keeping tabs on vehicle locations can involve phone calls to and from drivers.  This slows everybody down.  Plus, the customer has to wait for you to get the information from the driver and call them back.  There is a more organized and efficient way to handle this aspect of your trucking business.  A TMS system provides the data you need with only a few clicks.  Also, customers can view the information and plan their loading or unloading activities.  

Do you want to get and keep your share of customers in this competitive profession?  Then you must get on board with a reliable trucking software provider.  

Reason #2:  Paper invoicing can include costly math errors.

Billing customers involves access to the right information when you need it.  If you’ve misplaced some receipts or made math errors, it can affect your profits.  You certainly don’t want to inform a client that you made a mistake on the invoice.  It’s embarrassing and the customer won’t be happy, either.  You can avoid this scenario with software for trucking   Most of the data needed for invoicing is entered into the system automatically via an ELD.  Therefore, detailed and accurate invoices ensure that you get paid on time.  

Reason #3:  Delinquent IFTA, IRP, and DOT compliance can result in hefty fines or penalties.

Your daily routine as a trucker can make you feel like you’re trying to put together a puzzle blindfolded.  There are so many rules, regulations, deadlines, and reports to worry about.  It’s no surprise when you discover you’re late with something IFTA, IRP, or DOT-related.  If you overlook a payment due date, the fines or penalties can add up.  It can also result in losing your license or parking your vehicle until the accounts are current.  

Of course, you can avoid this complication if you have a TMS.  The system ensures that all payments are on time and accurate.  

Explore the Many Benefits of Our TruckingOffice TMS 

Whatever limits communications among dispatch, drivers, and managers causes problems.  When information can only be in one place at one time, or dependent on paper records, it harms your company.  So, be a proactive shipper rather than a reactive one.  Don’t wait for something to go wrong before you switch to a TMS.  

TruckingOfficeTMS provides a wide range of features to help you operate a profitable motor carrier business.  Our system helps with dispatching and load planning.  It also tracks expenses, vehicle maintenance, invoicing, and fuel use.  Plus, it generates reports and statistics when needed.  

It’s not just the customer who needs to know the numbers and locations of your trucks. You will be more secure when you know the status of your business and of the loads you haul when you use a TMS that does the work for you, saving you time and effort.

Find out for yourself why you need a TMS on board.  Our system was created by truckers who know what you need to succeed in the business. Sign up now for a free trial and explore the many features we provide.

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