Having the right fuel tax software can make filling out IFTA reports a simple matter, but not all trucking programs offer the same features or capabilities. So here are some things to look for when making this all-important choice:

  1. Cloud-based secure storage for your records. This is important because your business files should never be solely entrusted to a hard drive that is vulnerable to crashes, viruses, data corruption, or thieves who might break into your business.
  2. Automatic calculations that do the math for you. After all, the single biggest reason truckers purchase fuel tax software is to avoid the endless hassles that come with doing arithmetic by hand. A pocket calculator may make this task a little easier, but usually there’s still lots of scratch paper, jangled nerves, and bloodshot eyes when all is said and done.
  3. Applications designed with the input of driving professionals, truckers who have put their time in over-the-road and know what you face out there every day. Without the insight that only they can provide, how can you trust any fuel tax software to meet your needs?
  4. A solid company that enjoys an excellent reputation for treating its customers right. Fuel tax software is a long-term investment, one that will require periodic updating to stay effective. So choose a business that knows what it’s doing, and has a host of satisfied subscribers to prove it.
  5. User support from a team of friendly, highly-trained personnel. You’ll also want a toll-free line to contact the company when you have questions or concerns.

Fortunately, there’s one sure way to make sure you get the right fuel tax software: choose TruckingOffice.  We’re so sure you’ll love our product that we back it with a free 30-day test drive. And you won’t need to enter any payment information to get started. Find out for yourself how good our product is by clicking here.

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