A trucking fleet has numerous vehicles that need to be monitored and maintained. With the right owner/operator trucking software, an owner can track the location and physical condition of his or her trucks. This type of software can pay bills, track mileage, notify of late payments, send invoices, and even secure profitable loads.

Software Type

As owner-operators or fledgling trucking companies, many of you are probably in the same boat I was: using a mash-up of QuickBooks, paper records, and Excel spreadsheets to keep track of shipments, cargos, routes, etc. Working up your own custom program would require extensive knowledge of programming and other computer skills. Fortunately, we’ve already done the work for you. Since TruckingOffice is a web-based application, there is nothing to install, everything updates automatically, and you can access your accounts from any location when you’re on-the-go.


Extensive applications designed for large fleets can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy and maintain. If you only have one or a few trucks to monitor, these kinds of software are out of the question from a financial standpoint, and many times, do not track what you need them to. We designed TruckingOffice with small trucking companies in mind, which is why we offer an owner/operator version for only $20/mo, a mid-size version for $45/mo, and an unlimited fleet version for only $75/mo.  A 30 day free trial is available for all the plans so you can take TruckingOffice for a test drive.

Tracking Capabilities

What do you need to keep track of? We understand that, especially for small companies, getting paid is of utmost importance. TruckingOffice’s front-end focus on outstanding invoices helps you to keep track of your accounts receivable, and follow-up with clients promptly. Our dispatch tracking keeps record of everything about a load—who ordered it, who drove it, what fees applied, dates, and what your driver earned. This in turn enables you to accurately track your invoices, as well as calculate driver pay, with a reporting feature that allows you to print a list of all loads on a driver’s pay stub. TruckingOffice also tracks your expenses, so you have all of your financial records in one easy location.


It can be difficult to keep track of the maintenance of each of your trucks. If each truck was purchased at a different time, there will be different insurance deadlines and other payments. TruckingOffice software has a Maintenance Log, which makes it easy to track which trucks have had which repairs.


Maintaining a truck fleet is complicated. Simply remembering every detail in your head is inefficient and dangerous, since there is a good chance you will forget something, or worse yet—what if you are incapacitated at some point, like I was? It’s not a chance you should be willing to take. TruckingOffice makes it easy and cheap to manage your business efficiently.


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