Fleet Management Software Helps You Succeed

If you’re thinking about moving up from owning your own truck to owning a fleet, you’re thinking smart.  This field is wide open for you.  Just make sure you have the right fleet management software to make it successful.

Having the right fleet management software can make all the difference to your bottom line. As you know, running your own trucking business involves a lot more than simply hauling freight. You’re also on the hook for vehicle maintenance, tax payments, invoicing, employee management, payroll, and a host of other responsibilities that you used to think about just for one truck.  With more trucks, there’s more paperwork.

We know there are a lot of programs out there.  Big programs for big companies.  You’ll pay a lot in licensing fees for those programs because they’re built to manage hundreds of trucks.  If you’re just moving up to one more truck, is that what you need?  Can you afford it?

TruckingOffice software package is easy to expand.  Just call us and we’ll handle it on our end for the number of trucks you have right now.  You need a fleet management software system that will grow with your fleet – not out-grow it before you get there.

Tracking Your Fleet Without a Map

We expect that you’ll know where your trucks are going and how the drivers are doing right now.  But what about all those other details?  Do you know when the tires were last replaced?  Or when the next oil change is scheduled?  How about the current miles per state?

Fortunately, TruckingOffice’s computer-based tools can take most of the hassle out of these chores, freeing up time to do the one task that actually puts money in your pocket: driving a truck. Here are three of our product’s most powerful features:

  1. Cloud-based functionality that enables you to access your records wherever you may be at the time. For example, you might be 1,000 miles from home when you need to send an invoice, check maintenance records, or perform another high-priority task. Having your software and files in the cloud enables you to take care of crucial matters from any laptop or mobile device. All you need is an Internet connection.
  2. Trucker-centric features designed specifically for professional drivers like you. While there are many general-purpose business software packages on the market, you need the kind of focused functionality you can only get from software created by drivers for drivers.
  3. Powerful yet easy-to-use applications that don’t require advanced computer skills to operate. After all, you don’t have time to read a software manual. You need software that gets the job done with point-and-click ease.

We’re confident that you’ll choose TruckingOffice as your fleet management software once you consider all the advantages it provides. That’s why we back our product with a free test drive. And don’t worry about giving us your credit card or checking account information. You won’t need to do so unless you go with us for the long haul. So try TruckingOffice for yourself and see if it’s every bit as good as we claim. We look forward to hearing from you.

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