Owner operator trucking isn’t for everyone.  While we make our living providing driving pros with top-quality software, the last thing we want is to see folks getting into the field who just aren’t cut out for it.  So, before you head off to trucking school or take a job offer, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you work well on your own?  In trucking, one day is never like the next.  You may drop off a load in CA and then get dispatched to Miami.  You’ll be responsible for millions of dollars in equipment and merchandise, with no one around to look over your shoulder.  Can you handle this level of responsibility?
  2. Are you willing to do what it takes to get the load delivered, both safely and on time?  Delivery and pickup schedules can change at a moment’s notice.  You might wait 10 hours for your freight while sitting in a bad part of town.  You might have to help load the truck.  You might have to deal with snow, sleet, or hail.  You’ll almost certainly encounter horrible traffic that will constantly test your patience.  You’ll be expected to deal with challenges and still get the load where it’s going.  Are you up to the task?
  3. Can you stay on top of multiple things at the same time?  A driving pro must keep track of weather, DOT checkpoints and weigh stations, fueling up, keeping an honest logbook, getting regular meals and sleep, maintaining the truck, and lots of other details.  When the stress is on, will you be able to handle it?  Take a minute to think before you answer that question.

If you’re ready to start owner operator trucking, TruckingOffice is the perfect software to help you do it. It can help you keep track of dispatches, IFTA taxes, mileage reports, maintenance logs, invoices, and driver records. TruckingOffice can help drivers make more money with less hassles. Try it free for 30 days!

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