This article contains our updated 2017 DOT compliance checklist. Some of the information has changed since we published our original version in 2013. This is especially true when it comes to electronic logbooks, which are scheduled for mandatory use by December 2017. Please review this information and use it to keep your vehicles safe and reliable.

The 2017 DOT Compliance Checklist

  • Keeping the proper documentation is as essential as ever. This begins with a copy of the current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations in your office for you and your workers to consult. In addition, each of your drivers should receive a copy and sign a notice of intent to obey these rules.
  • Keeping records of pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections is also crucial. This is important both for compliance and safety reasons.
  • Not only should you have an ongoing vehicle maintenance program, you should also document these inspections, including actions taken and any problems noticed. Our 2017 DOT compliance checklist software can help make this task quick and easy.
  • Hopefully, none of your vehicles will never be involved in an accident. Should this occur, however, it’s vital to create and keep thorough records of the incident, including photographs if possible.
  • Record every driver’s hours of service, even for local runs.
  • Ensure that every driver receives a pre-employment drug screening. Never let a new hire get behind the wheel until the test results are received and verified as negative.
  • Check at least half your drivers once every 12 months for illicit drug use. Also, check one of 10 of your drivers for alcohol abuse in the same timeframe. Should the driver fail one of these screenings, you must remove them from active duty immediately and refer them to a substance abuse program.


Please remember that this 2017 DOT compliance checklist is a base-level treatment of the topic. Comprehensive information is available at the FMCSA website. In the meantime, keep TruckingOffice in mind for all your transportation software needs. And stay safe out there.

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