3 Keys to Success in Trucking: Organization, Customers, & Data

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It’s not like these are big secrets.  If you talk to any successful trucker or broker, they’ll tell you the same things.  The three keys to success are OrganizationFinding the problems and solving themBuilding up the customer base.As a broker with

Here’s What the New Electronic Driver Logbook Rules May Do to Your Livelihood

How Electronic Log Books are changing the trucking industry

The 21st Century Driver LogbookExactly how the government’s electronic driver logbook (or electronic logging device, ELD) mandate will affect the industry has yet to be seen. Some predict disaster. Others see golden opportunities for the country’s driving pros. No matter

How Accounting Software for Trucking Business Owners Provides Peace of Mind

Use Today's Tools in Your Owner-Operator Trucking Business (1)

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Never send a machine to do a man’s job.” It was true years ago, and it’s still true, even in this high-tech age. Nothing can replace the mind, muscles, and experience

Get Better Sleep with Our Fuel Tax Reporting Software

Get a good night's sleep with IFTA reporting software

Have you seen all the recent posts about sleeping?  If you don’t get enough, you’re at higher risk for heart attacks and obesity.  Right on time for us when we have to file the IFTA.  I either want to shove

How to Run a Successful Trucking Company

How to Run a Successful Trucking Company

We all know truckers who don’t make it past the first year.  How to run a successful trucking company wasn’t part of the training when they learned how to drive.  They make mistakes that cost them their trucks, their finances,

What Is the Best Way to Prepare IFTA Reports?

The best way to do your IFTA is to use the right tool for your IFTA report.

The key to preparing IFTA reports is careful record keeping. That’s especially true when you manage your taxes without our fuel tax reporting software.Let’s Talk About the Right ToolsYou’re never going to try to change a tire if you don’t

Can Transportation Management Software Increase Your Profits?

Transportation management software

Can Transportation Management Software increase your profits?It had better.  Otherwise, what are you doing with it?In this economy, truckers feel like they’re being asked to haul loads practically for free.  Or worse, the pay per mile is less than it