It’s the beginning of the month. Why should anyone file IFTA now?

After all, it’s not due for weeks. And for those of us who hate to prepay any taxes, why would we file early?

With TruckingOffice PRO, an IFTA report takes seconds to produce. Why rush?

Three Reasons to File IFTA Now

1. Get It Over With and Forget it.

Take care of the requirements.

One thing you don’t want to do is forget to pay IFTA. The price of not paying by the due date is very high. Fines, penalties, and the risk of getting tossed off the road are not worth waiting.

Not to be that person who worries about the future, but just getting a required task out of the way early means no more worry for the maximum amount of time. No worries make the rest of the month easier.

2. It’s Not Going to Change

If you’re using TruckingOffice PRO, you’ve got all the data you need to file IFTA at any point. With the data already entered, you can file at any time and the numbers will be accurate. What a relief to realize that when you use TruckingOffice PRO to produce your IFTA report, the amount you have to pay is correct.

The amount of your tax isn’t going to change over the course of the month. Tax rates are kept up to date by TruckingOffice. IFTA taxes are based on the tax rates for the previous months. If a rate is changed, it applies to future miles.

3. It Doesn’t Take a Commitment of Time

Who doesn’t procrastinate on tasks that we expect to make us miserable?

Of course, there are some people who will eat their least favorite food first just to get it out of the way. Do the distasteful things just to not have to deal with the slog of dread until it’s done.

File IFTA Fast

When you track all of your trucking business data with TruckingOffice PRO, getting an IFTA report is simple. There’s a button under the REPORTS menu. Press that button. Count to ten and the report will be done (as long as you have a connection to the Internet). File IFTA fast with TruckingOffice’s IFTA reports.

In fact, you can do this for free! Sign up for TruckingOffice’s free trial right now and enter the data for the last quarter. Your report will show up and you can use it with confidence that you’re paying the exact right amount for your fuel taxes. It won’t cost you anything to do this during the free trial.

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