All truckers know that the job requires a ton of paperwork.  Everything needs to be logged – mileage, fuel, deliveries, and more.  It is easy to forget or miscalculate something every once in a while, especially if you are tired or just going through the motions of your everyday life.  This is why ELDs can be so beneficial.

An ELD is an electronic logging device.  It records data automatically so truckers don’t have to even think about it.  Here’s how it works:

1. A vehicle interface device (VID) is plugged into the truck’s electronic control module port.

2. The VID communicates with the truck’s computer.

3. Information is automatically recorded in the ELD via Bluetooth.

The best part is that with TruckingOffice, your ELD isn’t a new device.  In fact, it’s whatever you already own – tablets, smartphones, etc. Simply download the app and hook it up to your VID to start collecting data.

ELD even works for roadside inspections.  There is not even printing required. Simply email your data right to the Department of Transportation inspector from the system or send it to them via data transfer.  You can also simply display your data for the inspector on your mobile device with the app.

ELD Logs

ELD logs are very similar to the paper logs veteran truckers are used to using.  The TruckingOffice app is even designed to look like a paper log to make it easier to learn and use.  Even though your VID is automatically inputting information into your log for you, you can still edit them manually.  The only part you can’t change is driving time.

You can view all of your past logs and information online.  The app can be logged into from the website. This is where you can both view and maintain all driver logbooks.  Your trucking company receives access to this control panel when they purchase the ELD. Managers and other higher-ups have unlimited access to this data.

ELD Mandate

Still not convinced that an ELD is a good tool for your truck?  This will persuade you. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration decided in December 2015 that all truck drivers must use ELDs.  Those who don’t are breaking the law. This rule was passed in order to make truck driving a safer and easier work environment. Because it is congressionally ordered, it is more important than ever to make sure your fleet is meeting ELD standards.

ELD Costs

TruckingOffice offers two different ELD plans for different amounts of time and prices.  Both are no contract. The first is the monthly subscription. For $20 per month, you get the complete ELD system, including the mobile app.  Your VID will cost $89.95, but it is only a one-time payment, and then it is yours. You can cancel this plan at any time. The monthly plan is great if you don’t want to make a long term commitment to this service.

The second option is the annual subscription.  This costs $240 per year. The money saver here is the VID.  Truckers who go with this plan receive one for free – an almost $90 value.  The complete ELD system and mobile application are also included. This plan is the most popular from TruckingOffice because it is the best value.

ELDs and Roadside Inspection Reports

Don’t you just dread roadside inspections?  Most drivers do.  But, an ELD device can simplify the process, getting you back on the road in no time.  Of course, there are still some things you need to do to prepare for an inspection:

  1. Do your pre-trip inspections to avoid delays or fines. 
  2. Repair and replace any faulty vehicle parts.
  3. Know how to use the ELD to transfer or display data to the officer.
  4. Have your ELD manuals and instructions available.
  5. Know your cargo and the rules that pertain to hauling that specific freight.

An ELD records all information the officer needs. For instance, it records HOS data such as vehicle location, miles, speed, engine hours, vehicle and driver identification numbers, and more.  It also eliminates errors that can result in violations or fines.  

ELD trucking benefits drivers in other ways aside from speedy inspections.  It automates IFTA calculations.  Also, by eliminating errors or inconsistencies, an ELD reduces the risk of audits and fines.  The device also assists with route planning which leads to fuel savings and increased profits.  

So, those long-drawn-out inspections you dread are a thing of the past.  Thanks to ELD technology, your job will be less stressful and more profitable. 

TruckingOffice – your home for ELD

When buying your ELD, look no further than TruckingOffice.  The company was started by a truck driver to solve the problem of unorganized paperwork that he once experienced personally.  TruckingOffice can provide ELDs as well as trucking management services. Call (800) 253-9647 to order or learn more.

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