TruckingOffice trucking management software has a REMIT TO feature.Not everyone manages their own invoicing and billing.  There are lot of reasons to use a factoring service.

Suppose I haul a load for the local steel company, but I have to pay the fuel and the other expenses before I get the payment.  I might use a factoring service – a company that will give me the funds in advance of a company’s payment of the invoice.  There’s usually a small fee for this kind of service, but it requires me to direct the invoice payments directly to them – not to me.

We’ve had many of our customers tell us that they needed this.  I think this was one of our most requested updates to the TruckingOffice Software.

Using the REMIT TO Option

REMIT TO report

Adding a Remit To address is pretty simple.  When you create the dispatch, you can add it in then.  No problem!  Then when the invoice is created, you’ll see the address on the far right side of the printout.

By letting you input your own preference for where your invoices should be paid – your office or a factor – TruckingOffice is now able to accommodate your business needs.  With this feature, you’ll be able to track your invoices more accurately and quicker.  Managing your finances is a critical part of business success – we’re here to support your business.

Not sure we can do that?  Try our 30 day free trial.  Just enter a week’s worth of data and you’ll find that you don’t want to go back – especially during IFTA season.

TruckingOffice – run your trucking business from your cab.

Enter your data once and TruckingOffice uses it to

  • Measure your profits – overall and per unit.
  • Track your invoicing, now featuring LTL in TruckingOffice Pro
  • Schedule your maintenance
  • Prepare your IFTA reports

Are you using a combination of spreadsheets, accounting software and a word processor to address your envelopes to manage your accouting?  TruckingOffice makes it easy by making it simple.

What’s holding you back from growing your business?  Let us know how TruckingOffice can help.

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