All trucking companies must now use electronic logging devices (ELDs) in their vehicles. We want to make sure the system you are using is the best for truck drivers. Not all logging devices compare equally to each other. There are many different kinds of ELDs available. However, your best bet is to use one specifically designed with owner-operators, fleet builders and truck drivers in mind. Our simple, practical system and mobile application were created by truckers and for truckers. It gives you exactly what you need with nothing you don’t. Our ELD is easy to use, our prices are reasonable and the system can even be used with your own smartphone or tablet. 

What Is ELD?

The ELD mandate (ELD final rule) requires that commercial vehicle operators use electronic logging devices.  This US federal government regulation replaces paper logs and AOBRDs.  The mandate serves to improve highway saftey by preventing driver fatigue and improves compliance with HOS rules.

ELDs are more accurate than paper logs to ensure integrity in reporting HOS.  The actual device is a piece of electronic hardware that attaches to a commercial motor vehicle engine.  It automatically records real-time driving hours to help keep drivers from overextending their time behind the wheel.  

Regardless of the size of your operation, ELD providers offer a variety of device options that will fit your specific needs.  Stand-alone units are available that support one or two vehicles.  Or, you can purchase one that is capable of connecting to a system that monitors a large fleet.   

Remember, not all devices meet FMCSA’s ELD standards.  You can find a list of FMCSA compliant products by registering with their website.  This account will allow you to determine if your device meets the technical specifications of the ELD rule.  

If you’re looking into which ELD is right for your operation, TruckingOffice has the solution to all your ELD and TMS needs.

Complying with the ELD Mandate

The new ELD mandate is a U.S. federal regulation requiring operators of commercial trucks to use ELDs in their vehicles. ELD devices record data related to driver activity and the operation of commercial trucks, namely hours of service (HOS). The new ELD standards ensure that drivers comply with regulations restricting the number of hours permitted for driving between rest periods. The ELD mandate became law in February 2016 and officially went into effect in December 2017, which is when the use of logging devices in commercial trucks became mandatory. However, for vehicles equipped with older Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs), there was a two-year grace period for upgrading or replacement to satisfy the full ELD requirements. As of December 2019, the United States government requires the use of ELDs for the majority of commercial trucks operating across the country, including trucks that were previously using AOBRDs.

How Our ELD System Works

ELDs work in much the same way as traditional paper logbooks, but without the paper. The best thing about using an ELD in your truck is that it records driving activities and other pertinent data with zero manual calculation or reporting required on your part. The vehicle interface device (VID) component of our system is designed to communicate with the computer in your truck. All you have to do is plug it into the electronic control module (ECM) port under the truck’s dashboard and that’s it. The device will automatically sync with the truck’s engine and record driving activity and other information directly to the electronic logbook application on your phone or tablet.

Our ELD system design is based on the traditional paper logbook you are used to. Therefore, it shortens the learning curve and reduces the amount of time and effort needed to make the switch. From the ELD mobile application, you can easily:

  • Change your duty status
  • View your driver logs
  • Manage your driver logs
  • Add a missing log event
  • Certify your daily logs
  • Send roadside inspection reports 

Why Our System is Your Best Option

Some companies are selling ELDs with a ton of bells and whistles that you don’t necessarily need. Our system, on the other hand, is fully compliant with DOT regulations without any unnecessary extras. There is no extra tracking or reporting with our ELDs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues, which is a concern for many truck drivers. Thousands of trucking companies, small and large, already depend on our trucking management software. We are confident that you will find that we also offer the best logging solution for truck drivers. With our comprehensive solution from Trucking Office, you can enjoy easy plug-and-play functionality. This ensures ELD compliance with zero hassle.

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